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  1. Hey! I'm also wondering how UofA compares to the Ontario schools? I've been accepted to UofA, Western, and Queens, and having a tough time determining which school has the best program! Does anyone have any insight on this?
  2. Hey - I've been accepted to UofA, Western, and Queens, and I did 5 courses a semester for my first 3 years. I did an honours thesis in fourth year so only did 2-3 courses along with that, and then my fifth year I only had to take 3 courses! Most places just want to see that you can handle a full course load for a few years, not the whole degree!
  3. Where are you from? I'm from B.C. and also feel a bit overwhelmed. Especially because I've never even been to Ontario so deciding between the schools is difficult!
  4. Oh man! Accepted to Queens and Western and waitlisted at UofT for OT!
  5. I decided to just accept the offer and pay the deposit! I figured losing a $175 deposit isn't the end of the world!
  6. I received my acceptance through both my UofA and personal email at 1:16pm today. My Overall GPA was 3.74 from my Bachelor of Science Honours Degree. I had lots of research experience as well as volunteering experience with Canucks Autism Network, an outdoor adaptive adventure program, and working at a summer camp for children with disabilities. I have other volunteer experience that wasn't strictly related to OT as well (youth groups, etc). Hope that helps!
  7. I’m in a similar situation! I’m 23 and also want to get a start on my career as soon as possible! If I don’t get in this year then I’m going to do OTA at my local community college and just keep applying for masters until I get in somewhere. And I’ll probably apply for international schools as well next year if need be. Best of luck to you!
  8. Last year they contacted me on April 12 to let me know I was on the waiting list! But this year the website says they send out acceptances in mid May so who knows!
  9. Do you mean for 2021 programs? Or do they offer spring programs that you can still apply for now?
  10. Me too! Last year they told me I was on the waiting list on April 12th so hopefully we hear soon!!
  11. Does anyone know when UofA starts sending out acceptance emails for OT? Their website says mid May, but last year they emailed me on April 12!
  12. Does anyone know how many people are on the McMaster MMI Interview Waitlist? I feel like my chances of actually getting off the waitlist at this point are pretty slim!
  13. Applied: UofA, Queens, McMaster, Western, UofT (All OT) Accepted:Waitlisted: McMaster Interview Rejected:GPA: c-gpa = 3.74 and s-gpa = 3.75Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Wrote about volunteer experience at an adaptive outdoor program, Canucks Autism Network, a summer camp for children with disabilities, and various job shadows. Also highlighted my honours thesis research. My references included my research supervisor during my undergrad and a volunteer coordinator for a youth group that I have volunteered at for the last 3 years Good luck everyone!!
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