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  1. the 2 weeks is up so I'm removing myself from the waitlist - best of luck to everyone still on it!
  2. waitlist here too - got another offer from another ontario school so I'll wait out the 2 weeks for now - if not I'll accept the other one and remove myself from the waitlist. I kinda doubt there'll be any movement but just gotta cross my fingers at this point lol
  3. I applied last year with around a 3.90 wGPA and didn't get an interview. This year my wGPA was more like a 3.95 and I got an interview (not too much changed other than just a summer job getting added to my ABS). I think it's definitely possible to get interviewed with a 3.9 but everything else on your application probably has to be exceptional to make up for it.
  4. It really depends more on your internet speed but my .mov files were all around 130-140 MB and it took maybe 5 minutes to upload
  5. they were for engineering - med ones might be different but we'll just have to wait for more info from U of T since this is all just speculation lol
  6. From what I remember, the engineering ones were also "uploaded" by the student, but they only had one try, could maybe skip a question and not upload, but I doubt anyone would do that. I can't imagine U of T letting us record it multiple times lol - then people would get it checked by others which is just crazy and not a true interview at all.
  7. My guess is that it's similar to how the U of T engineering interviews are (i.e. very similar to Casper). They'll play a video, you have 1-2 minutes to think, and then you're automatically recorded while you say your answer. While it's less personal, the logistics of online MPI would be crazy, especially when considering things like connectivity (things like a bad connection would ruin lots of interviews). I don't feel like it's a major disadvantage - it's just different.
  8. Just got an invite for the 28th - can confirm that they're sending out some today
  9. First interview ever so felt a little shaky at first but overall I think it went pretty good. The panel was definitely encouraging but still remained pretty neutral throughout. I also took some candies when I left lol. I don't think I was ever really surprised by any of the questions - pretty standard panel type. I guess now we just have to wait 2 months...
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