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  1. Hi, I got my MCAT score back today! Though its great that I got this weight off my shoulders, I feel as if I can't help but feel disappointed, as I scored 130/127/131/129 and am unsure if I would be competitive in Canada. Please let me know if it would be worth to retake, I need a bit of advice. Thanks!!
  2. So I ended first year with a sub-par GPA, 3.52, to be exact. I know that this isn't where I want my GPA to be and I've been working extremely hard in second year and have ended my first semester with a 3.95 GPA and am projected a 4.0 this semester (if my marks stay where they are after finals, haha). However, I still can't get out of my head the failure from first year, and I don't know if it'll even be worth applying to med if I have no chance anyway Really lost and would take all the advice I can get, as I would still really like to be able to pursue my dream!
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