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  1. When I first applied I forgot to send a transcript from a college course I took. I had sent my undergrad ones already but that one slipped my mind somehow. I sent them an email and just asked for them to remove that college course from my application and they had no problem with that. So it's worth just emailing them and maybe they can either add your transcript late or just take that course off the application entirely. Good luck!
  2. Maybe work on creating a great office/study space since some courses may end up being online? That's one of my goals before the end of summer. Also just relaxing as much as I can really, things are about to get real busy for the foreseeable future haha
  3. I think this is a great idea. School and Year: Dalhousie, accepted for the upcoming year Geography (IP/OOP): IP (NS) MCAT: 508 GPA: 3.9/4.0 (I can't remember what it was converted to on the application, my school was on a 4.3 scale)
  4. On a lighter note, this scenario would make for a great MMI prompt or Casper question... lol
  5. I don't think this is the way to go.. I would feel very embarrassed to send such an email when I do not know all/enough of the details of the situation. I am neutral on this as well though. I can see the frustration people are feeling about this possible lapse in the rules but at the same time, the nasty mindset of throwing these people out and blacklisting them is downright shocking.. Not sure what the best solution here would be.
  6. I specifically decided not to start a masters program because I did not want to ruin my chances of a med school admission. I ended up being waitlisted that year and could have actually completed the 2 year masters before being admitted to medicine. While working during the gap year was not the worst thing (saved money by not spending on another couple years of tuition), I would've loved to have a masters under my belt. Hopefully these people were not trying to cheat the system and I think you raise a good point about some needed clarification in the rules.
  7. Accepted! IP (NS) MCAT: 508GPA: Either 3.9 or 4.0 (Can't remember what it was converted to on the application) Second time applying after being waitlisted last year! Never give up!
  8. I think you are right. My verifier said he never got an email from them (true or not I'm not sure, he is a busy guy). They re-sent the request to him and he was able to complete it thankfully. I'm guessing it was just a loose end as you suggested, but it did surprise me this close to the decision letters!
  9. Definitely don't get your hopes up this week and maybe not even next week either. I was emailed a few days ago from them because one of my verifiers was not reached. They wanted another contact for them and said they had to get that by March 9th (yesterday). Hard to imagine a decision coming out this week when they still might be checking references and finalizing things etc. Hopefully next week but it really could be LATE March...
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