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  1. Soooo I am enrolled in an online course through Thompson rivers university distance learning and it is being taken as an equivalent transfer credit to an immunology course from my school. They have deferred in-person exams until end of may meaning that I cannot finish the course in the winter semester. I am worried this will affect the eligibility of this year for both this cycle (if I get in) and next cycle (if I need to reapply). Anyone in similar boat?
  2. @anonymouspanda fair points but there's no way that in person and online interviews will scored the same way, regardless of statistical adjustments. idk if it hurts or helps to have online vs in person, could argue either side.
  3. that's very interesting. I had an in person interview, I feel as though they should've asked people from the march 7/8 weekend to redo them online in order to standardize it.
  4. Thank you, it's true, what's done is done. Just frustrating because it wasnt down to nerves.
  5. I am certain I bombed 2 or 3 questions and I saw one of the interviewers circle a 2/5 on the sheet. I feel doomed but am trying to stay positive. Anyone know if people get in with afew bad answers?
  6. I saw the numbers from 0-5, was it being graded right in front of us?
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