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  1. I chose to write mini-paragraphs for activity descriptions. I don't think whether it is bullet point or paragraph form really matters, what is most important (in my opinion) is being concise. My advice would be: rather than purely describing activities, try to also share what impact you had on others, or what skills you learned from the experience.
  2. Joel from DMNB, is that you? just kidding... unless
  3. Yes, this year we received beautiful Cardiology IV Littmann stethoscopes (sponsored by Doctors NS). Ours were green. FYI you also get a reflex hammer and some other medical instruments.
  4. Good luck to everyone waiting to hear back! From your future colleague in the Class of 2024 Hopefully we are all on campus next fall together!
  5. School: Dalhousie Year (1 or 2): Med 1 Lecture delivery method (online/ in person/ other [please explain]): Online Shadowing/clinic visits delivery method (online/ in person/ other [please explain]): In-person Clinician skills delivery method (online/ in person/ other [please explain]): Mixed in-person/virutal (weekly sessions involving interactions with an in-person pt and a virtual pt) Research delivery method (online/ in person/ other [please explain]): "Research in Medicine" (RIM) is mainly online due to COVID but it is up to the discretion of individual research d
  6. Hey, thanks for commenting. I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone, and I'm assuming many others probably feel the same way like you mention. I'll try to follow that too, and focus on the relationships I have and am thankful for. You make a fair point, I am unsure if all these cliques have really formed. But it definitely is harder for some compared to others to feel part of the in-group. Hello, thanks for sharing! As I mentioned to the other user above, I'm glad to hear that I am not alone. As you and many others have emphasized, I'll try reaching out to family and non-med friends more.
  7. Hey, thanks for taking the time to share. I definitely bought into that narrative as a pre-med unfortunately, and so my expectations were far too high. Those are all very good points. I'll try to branch out and meet others that share similar interests. I also won't pressure myself especially in this COVID environment... here's to hoping it's better in residency or maybe even in the coming years. Anyways, thanks again for sharing.
  8. I have tried, and I do text some people... but it all feels very superficial. Even when interacting with small in-person sessions, it feels like we are just putting in the time to learn and that's it. Very few opportunities to get to know others. Thank you for your reply... it means a lot to hear those words. That's how I would describe it currently as well, I am on a superficial friendly basis with many. I never expected to become best friends with everyone... it is just so unfortunate since I feel that sitting in class everyday would have been a great way to forge new friendships. Wh
  9. I feel like this was supposed to be the greatest year of my life. Starting med school, a new chapter, going to make new friends and connections that should last a lifetime. Then COVID happened. I am usually someone who is very stoic and resilient, however I feel like this year has had an immense negative impact on my mental health (and it's only November). Pre-clerkship years are supposed to be the "fun years" in med school, before increasing responsibilities and decreasing free time happens in Med 3. I had such high expectations for med school, and everything being online/all the restri
  10. Thanks for sharing! That's a good idea re looking at the list of residents if available, I'll check some of them out. And thanks for the tips. I know I am only in med 1, but I'll definitely take every opportunity I can to learn in bigger cities, especially if that will help my end-goal of moving. Appreciate it!
  11. Hi, I am a MS1 from an Eastern Canadian med school. I'm interested in moving in the future, and I'm wondering what my future chances are of matching to a relatively competitive specialty in Ontario or Western Canada? I'm specifically curious about radiology. I took a look at the CaRMS stats available online (https://www.carms.ca/pdfs/2019-CaRMS-Forum-data.pdf) and on slide 37 it is evident that 79/192 Dal & MUN grads relocated from Eastern Canada. However, this does not break down what specialties these graduates match to... imo there's a big diff if 90% of them match to fam med
  12. I was in a similar scenario, tutoring various 1st year courses such as physics. Ended up using a prof as a verifier. Should be fine if you give them an honest estimate of how many hours you've put in. Best of luck!
  13. If you have the time to pump out the "why you want to be a doctor" essay + the maritime connection essay, then I think you should go for it. MCAT is not given much weight at Dal, so with your high GPA and a strong connection to the east coast I think you have a fighting chance. Good luck!
  14. A few years ago a thread was made about it. It is anecdotal but there could be some truth to it this upcoming cycle (not sure how <500 scores will do, prob 4 or 5/10?). 503-504 = 6/10 505-510=7/10 511-516=8/10 517-522=9/10 523+=10/10
  15. There's a range, i.e. 505-509 = 6/10 (I forget the specific ranges). I would go with the 512 because it is more balanced... I don't think 512 or 513 sits at the ends of different score brackets anyways, so it shouldn't make a huge difference. Good luck!
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