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  1. We’d be looking at homes my partner could afford alone if I had to pay rent elsewhere (I’m non-trad and he has a full career)! Staying in Edmonton will be a priority for me so hopefully I end up matching here. And so would love to know about how others deal with commute and long hours
  2. Hi everyone! I think this is more a questions for upper year student and those currently in their residency program. I am a first year medical student and I currently live downtown, so nice and close to campus. However my partner and I are considering buying a house next year. We’re considering more affordable areas like in the south (Windermere and around) but I wonder if the distance would be a problem once I start clerkship or eventually residency? What are the opinions for those who have a long commute and are in residency? All your advice is quite welcome thanks!
  3. I had about three entries for each section. Most of those were long-term commitments (3+ yrs), and I think they’re looking for quality rather than quantity.
  4. I just received an invitation from 6-930pm Saturday ...doesn’t sound right to me. I just emailed the admissions office to ask whether this is correct.
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