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  1. Result: Rejected Timestamp: 8:48am cGPA: 3.96 CARS: 130 CASPer: Felt it went alright, but I don't think it was used as I was a guaranteed interview from last year. MMI interview thoughts: I thought the MMI went alright, and definitely bombed a station or two. Guess it went worse than I thought. Year: MSc last year Geography: IP Guaranteed interview from last year: Yes
  2. Time Stamp: 9:34 am ET Accepted/WL/R: Bad WL IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): N 2YGPA: 3.96 MCAT (CP/CARS/BB): 128/130/130/131 Interview Experience: Felt like it didn't go too well, so this is to be expected
  3. Result: Rejected Timestamp: 9:59 AM wGPA/cGPA: 3.97/3.96 MCAT: 519 ECs: Diverse and long term Essays: Felt good about them and made them personal. Similar quality to last year. Interview: Felt that I gave decent to good answers to the questions. Pretty crushed as these felt better than last year (where I was waitlisted). Guess it just goes to show how inaccurate self-evals are. U of T was my top choice, and it sucks to have done worse this cycle Year: MSc final year Geography: IP
  4. You should be safe! I was WL on Western Student Center so it should be accurate. Congrats!
  5. Same here. Either way, we will know in ~3 hours
  6. Yeah I have the "Response" column as well. I was waitlisted last year and WL/R info was not shown on OMSAS (only communicated via email). I can't remember if I had this column last year, or this cycle before today, but I wouldn't read into it too much as it seems everyone who has posted so far has it.
  7. I have not gotten that email yet either, but I assume it will be sent tomorrow
  8. TIME STAMP: 9:42AM Result: Inv GPA: 3.96 MCAT: Above cutoff ECs: Varied and diverse Essays: Felt good, spent 1 month Year: MSc final year
  9. Time Stamp: 2:26 Invite/reject: Invite IP/OOP: !P SWOMEN (Y/N): N 2YGPA: 3.97 MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): 128/130/130/131 Essays (X/8): 8
  10. Last year I got an email confirming receipt of the form
  11. The other dates are March 7 and 21, so I would imagine you can expect to hear back around 2 weeks (or more) before those dates.
  12. I didn't get an invite yet. However, last year, I got my invite in March, and this is only the first round of offers, so we will likely hear back later.
  13. I dropped from around 40th to 0-25, even though I had a few more activities and increased duration of activities, with almost identical descriptions. However, that seems like a big drop.
  14. I had a 92.somth and a 25th to 50th percentile ec last year and I was about 1/3 of the way past the ip cutoff toward the oop line last year, in case that helps for reference? Idk if the pool is more competitive this year
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