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  1. Did anyone else have major technical difficulties during their virtual mcmaster mmi today?? I am really nervous about what this means and how they're going to make a fair assessment.
  2. Do you guys think they’re taking a smaller class this year or a big wave will come this week?
  3. Hopefully a big wave is coming for us today or tomorrow!
  4. Will there be another one today? Is anyone else getting really nervous.
  5. I would be shocked if it went out today and no one else on this forum posted right?!
  6. So how far into the waitlist do people assume they will go? At least 100 or do you think more?
  7. Will wait list offers start going out today or is that too early?i can’t believe they put everyone on the wait list....
  8. So right now - no Mac offer means definitely wait list or rejection from the lottery?
  9. Can someone link the Mac med 2023 Facebook group? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks in advance!
  10. Adding my button data point: Have the button, Gpa 3.88 Cars 128
  11. That Facebook forum is becoming very annoying now lol.
  12. I truly feel that saying nothing would have been better or saying based on CASPER since it’s more of a closed ranking system. Telling everyone (including current med students & premeds) that it’s a lottery really undermines their applications & students that year. Although I understand why they chose this method, have Facebook forums & people thinking it’s a random lottery feels embarrassing to post an admissions now & feel proud. I feel like it takes away some of that excitement about getting an offer because all your peers know you could have just been picked from a hat.
  13. Very true - just a frustrating feeling many of us probably share. Everyone saying they “should have applied to Mac this year” is really frustrating. maybe someone can post the link? It’s a Facebook page called “spotted at Mac” and the post is called “Mcmaster Medical School is Selecting Future Physicians through random lottery.” Many current Mac students are on it.
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