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  1. I feel like most movement will come after May 25th since that was the deadline to confirm acceptance for those with offers so far!
  2. Result: Accepted Site Location: Saskatoon Time Stamp: 15/05/2020 - 8:40 AM GPA: ~89% MCAT Score: 511 Location: IP Degree: 4th year UG Interview: Felt good about it afterwards! Obviously it was a different format than what we had prepared for but it was more of a relief to have it done with Congrats to everyone so far! I'm so excited to meet the class
  3. Oh weird. I just checked and have the button but I'm not sure what that means obviously - do you think its been there for a while and people are just noticing? I'm not the type to check my OMSAS account on a daily basis but I know that other people keep a pretty close eye on it
  4. Can someone please explain the whole "button" thing? I'm from OOP and have seen people mention it on other forums but have no explanation of what it actually is!!
  5. Can someone explain the "button" thing that everyone is talking about? I'm from OOP and have no idea what is going on lol
  6. Just got an email from U of S with a video link explaining that in-person MMIs are cancelled and they will be moving to a virtual format next weekend. Keep an eye out on emails for more information I guess! We're also moving from 8 stations to 4 with 4 assessors so this could be interesting!
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