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  1. I just took myself off the Queen's waitlist as I have accepted a spot at McGill. Good luck everyone!
  2. I know! I noticed that too! I'm #36 so I keep checking it constantly haha. Hopefully it will move sometime this week!
  3. I know, but I mean if they are accepted to McGill but are still on the waitlist somewhere else. They don't have to drop other waitlists right away, do they?
  4. Say someone gets accepted off the MTL waitlist to McGill, but maybe they are also on a waitlist for another school and so don't want to accept right away. Does anyone know how long they have to accept/decline the offer (from off the waitlist) at McGill before it goes to someone else? Is it 2 weeks, like it is for the initial round of offers? Just trying to gauge when the waitlist might start moving again.
  5. How many more spots do you think the QC Montreal waitlist will move? I think I'm 9th right now.
  6. TIME STAMP: 4:14 pm Friday March 13th Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): MD Result: Interview, March 29th cGPA/wGPA: ~3.94 MCAT: 128/129/129/128 ECs: Sports teams, volunteering, research (one publication), tutoring, singing in a choir, campus societies, fitness, hobbies like visual arts and photography Essays: Thought about them for a while but the actual writing process was fairly last minute Year: Graduated UG in 2019, currently working Geography: IP Two years ago I got an interview invite and last year I didn't. Really was losing hope for this year s
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