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  1. Where did you accept? I remember you from Ottawa waitlist last year when you just missed. So happy for you!
  2. I would be very careful about relying on going to Australia. The border is presently closed to most student visas. There are 45000 Aussie citizens stranded abroad who cannot get flights home. A fiend of mine is in vet medicine at Melbourne and stranded in North America due to the border closure/
  3. I’m out as well. Gonna accept elsewhere since no offer today.
  4. Let it rain waitlist offers!! Are we expecting today or tomorrow or next week?
  5. I think it’s close to over for any hopes at Ottawa. I will take an offer at Mac if I’m lucky enough but seems destined for another year...
  6. https://www.macleans.ca/education/university-rankings-2020-canadas-top-medical-doctoral-schools/
  7. It said so in your email. If you get a sentence that says you are unlikely to receive an offer then you’re on the bad waitlist.
  8. Sorry, I was responding to the controversy comment.
  9. The lottery controversy at Mac bears minimal effect on education quality presented to the student, whoever that student may be. Mac will still enjoy its ranking near the top of medical schools, and its students will continue to acquire experiences and network opportunities in consideration of future carms matching.
  10. While Dalhousie is a respectable school, it’s reputation pales in the medical community in comparison to U of T, Mac and McGill. While it is possible to match for a desired residency from Dal, the opportunities are, in my mind at least, much greater at these other schools because of the lengthy exposures that may be experienced and the vast amount of opportunities to network. Halifax is indeed a more pleasurable locale imo, which complicates what in my mind a no brainer.
  11. If Covid-19 becomes a year long crisis, who’s to say they don’t either delay or forego a 2020 entrance class?
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