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  1. Hey I am a GED (graduate entry dentistry) student at UCC and when I got accepted into Ireland for the 4 year program, Trinity did not consider me because UCC sent me an offer. I believe that if you receive an offer from UCC then Trinity won't send you an offer. However, if UCC does not send you an offer, then applying to Trinity may be a good back up option (they only have a 5 year program). I do know that if you haven't taken anatomy that may be an issue in getting accepted into the 4 year program but maybe try contacting Atlantic Bridge or UCC to see if there are alternatives? I know there a
  2. Hey! I just shot you a message if you can answer some questions that I have that would be great!
  3. Hey, can I ask why you chose to give up the offer even after you paid the deposit? I'm just wondering because I'd like to know why people decided not to attend while I'm trying to make my decision as well.
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