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  1. Last year the high wait list started to be contacted on thursday may 28 in the afternoon. First round offers expire on May 25th this year so the HWL might start getting contacted on/around thursday May 27th? After that only 2 people from the normal waitlist posted that they were accepted last year (on June 5th and 8th)
  2. Thank you!! I'm unspecified at the moment fingers crossed for London, but would be more than happy with Windsor too!
  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was rooting for you and @Mozza !!
  4. Time Stamp: 9:12 am ET Accepted/WL/R: ACCEPTED (London)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IP/OOP: OOP SWOMEN (Y/N): N 2YGPA: 3.82 (possibly 3.9 but i don't think 1 of my years counted) MCAT (CP/CARS/BB): 128/129/127 Interview Experience: I felt good immediately after, but then I started second guessing and doubting myself a minute later. Spent March/April dreading a waitlist/R. Looking back now - Westerns interview gives you a great opportunity to share who you are. I was positive and upbeat throughout my interview and really showed them how happy I was to be there. I shar
  5. Just checked and I GOT IN AT WESTERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Started undergrad in 2011, 4 years working now and away from school... I honestly felt so sad and dreadful yesterday anticipating an R or waitlist and couldn’t check until I woke up this morning I can’t believe it. Thank you all so much for being so supportive in this thread. I’m hoping for the best for each and every one of you!!
  6. Thank you for making this!! Can you add: Interview Experience: good, bad, neutral etc ?
  7. I can't believe we're finally on the last day of waiting for May 11. I remember starting my OMSAS application in July and seeing that the first round of offers are sent out May 11 which felt so far away..... it feels unreal that tomorrow is THE day. I wish we could all get in and hope that we all do. We've all worked so hard to get to this point. Corniness aside though, I have work today and I know i'll spend most of it trying not to have a heart attack every time I think of results coming out
  8. They do reject people, unfortunately. There's a user on here that is open about their rejection from Western and they're pretty much the only one (kudos to this person by the way). I also did a poll last year asking what everyone's outcome was and several people picked the option on the poll indicating that they were rejected. I'll add the link to the post:
  9. yea im with you on that 0-1% hahaha crazy how getting an interview shoots our chances up to around 50% for some schools
  10. ^^^ yep feel the exact same Has anyone calculated what the chances are of getting into Western post-interview?
  11. haha I guess I was so focused on the offer of admissions column this whole time that the response one just went over my head yes was fun while it lasted
  12. Hmm unless OMSAS eventually shows "Rejected/Waitlisted" or something on OMSAS? Is the response column so that schools can see you've accepted your offer/rejected your offer and respond back with "confirmed" or something on omsas? What would the point be if you don't end up getting any offers though I can see them adding this to every applicants OMSAS because its just easier but it seems like the response column is only relevant for those with offers. Could be entirely wrong though. what do you all think the purpose of the response column is in general?
  13. I have the response column I'm 99% sure it was not there yesterday when I checked, because I distinctively remember sitting there staring at the offers column imagining "offer" being written and trying to wish it into existence
  14. Don't know if the fire has burned out now, but to add another data point my buddy has the message. IP, high stats, felt great about their interview. Graduated last year. Last name is near the end of the alphabet. Honestly, we both think it's just a glitch/doesn't mean anything so don't lose hope yet
  15. Didn't interview at U of A, but my buddy did (they don't use these forums, but have sky high stats, great interview performance). Will ask if they have it and report back. Hope this works out for you guys, can't imagine the stress of not seeing it right now when you're all so close to decision day. Editing to add that they did have the button/statement and got accepted
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