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  1. It says on the website that earliest access to Part 2 is today, so I am hoping we will get notification of that soon!
  2. I haven't heard anything The online class schedule says there are 15-19 seats left to register, but those numbers have not been changing much at all. I've moved into preparing for next cycle, but still silently hoping for a miracle. Any one have the guts to contact and ask if the class is full?
  3. https://medicine.dal.ca/departments/core-units/admissions/admissions/mcat-requirement.html
  4. Any news this week? (Online #s haven't changed since last Friday ) Its going to sting a bit starting that new app next week, that's for sure!
  5. We did talk about that earlier in this thread, no one really knows why at this point
  6. Class registration for June 8 around 9am : 19-24 seats still "open" Here goes another long week of hoping and praying
  7. What makes you think this, just the general timeline or do you have some insider info
  8. A couple of opinions on here have said they've seen people as low as 69s before and other as low as 65s... check out the waitlist related threads from this year if you haven't yet, and the AFMC info even though its not pool specific This year (so far) only 1 of the 71s have been admitted from the NS pool (of those that have premed101 accounts, who knows how many others there actually are), three of us are still waiting and there has been a new vote in the 71 range recently that remains anonymous.
  9. Interesting that our poll sat at 27 votes for so long, and now were up to 31 What I would give to know how many of us are on this list.....
  10. They modified the Dalonline, there are now 130 seats max instead of 120 and is now displaying 26 or 31 still unaccounted for (maybe they won't fill them all though, who knows) Would love to see some NS peeps get off this WL!!! Has no one heard anything still?
  11. Just to update: The Med2 classes have been fixed and now display the full 120 so someone has gone in to administrate changes recently. Also, if they do "block" registration for 1st year the numbers still aren't adding up properly but most classes now show either 17 or 22 spots available. Again, this may not be indicative of anything accurate at all, but it is all we have to go by for now!
  12. The registration numbers haven’t changed since yesterday for whatever that’s worth lol.
  13. All very true, I actually got the idea from you Dalhousie23 from your posts last year! I can't speak for everyone but I'd rather have A number, ANY number to look at for any indication at all lol to keep the hope, as I mentioned a few times we can't rely on these numbers for anything valid- but its better than nothing at all (for me at least). Thanks so much for the additional info!!!
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