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  1. Honestly, I don't think there is a huge difference. A friend of mine got accepted into 2 with a 3.81 last year. If you can do well on the written applications and CASPer than you will be considered for CAP and MAC interview for sure.
  2. Just received an email that I got off the waitlist (upper third) for WESTERN PT (first choice) and will be happily accepting! Also Queens waitlist will move up. Best of luck PS. This is my second year applying so if you don't get in, try again cause things will work out.
  3. Congratulation!!! By phone or email? You have to respond within 24 hours right?
  4. Oh wow so early. By any chance do you (or anyone) know how provisional offer would work in this case? Would you just say YES and then on OPRAS you select provisional offer? Sorry for asking so many questions. I'm on the waitlist for Queens and Western and with Western being my first choice, I don't know what actions I would have to take if Queens responds first.
  5. Assuming you don't firmly accept, I'm sure Mcmaster will still contact you. But how many times can you provisionally accept? I don't know about other schools but for Western you will have to reply to their offer within 24 hours ...
  6. So first round offers are DUE on the 12th and you will hear back regarding waitlist offers after the 12th of June (I would assume starting Monday the 15th) until aug 31st depending where you are on the waitlist.
  7. I'm also wondering for PT waitlist. I checked on OPRAS and it said they must receive final transcript if you have received an offer of admission or have a decision pending by June 30th. Does pending also refer to those waitlisted?
  8. To send final transcript, do we request again on OPRAS and resubmit our application?
  9. I find it odd that Queens PT said they will start contacting people on the waitlist after June 1st (I honestly think they meant June 12th).
  10. Hey so basically deadline for first round offers is June 12th (for those who already have been accepted). For those on the waitlist, we have to wait until spots open up. Once you accept an offer, your off the waitlist for other schools.
  11. I only looked for PT post specifically. Here's the link to one of the post:
  12. I'm in the upper third bracket too and wondering the same thing. I looked back at 2019 forum and someone from middle third heard back in the second week of June and last bracket heard back on June 18. Therefore, I'm assuming we're going to hear back not too far after June 12th....since we're in the first bracket.
  13. Oh don't think that way! Admission results will not be affected by COVID-19 in that sense (only the delay in results...May 29th). They are not allowed to discriminate in any way.
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