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  1. I've been looking around for some ways to practice the MMI after being waitlisted last year. i really wasn't used to the webcamming so was just browsing around for online practice solutions. Came across some consulting companies but they were so... outdated? And it didn't really feel like a real MMI either. It's hard to explain. This MMI question was shared on some MMI practice groups and thought I'd share with PM101! https://www.videoath.com/promos/sample-mmi-question
  2. UofT PA MMI practice anyone? message if interested, organizing something!
  3. Hey! I've got practice questions and materials for anyone interested
  4. happy to help those still interviewing during these crazy times of isolation - just message me
  5. if anyone wants to practice MMI, message me. I used to use pm101 and still come here from time to time. I'm working as a pharmacist and did my MMI at UofT 6 years ago.
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