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  1. Im in a similar boat. I intend to apply during the next cycle and I have zero experience.
  2. Im also wondering the same. How come programs like SLP at some schools are waiving this volunteer requirement but not PT? wtf?
  3. Hey how much or how many hours of volunteering did you do and across what time span?
  4. this is super late but support from govt for international studies is extremey limited from what i know. People only afford it through loans from banks but those require a cosigner with a lot of assets or high income
  5. But the admission process is almost entirely based on GPA, even for schools like Western and Queen's which supposedly look for experiences. So why would I volunteer and see if this field is for me if I don't have the GPA to begin with? I need to gauge how competitive my GPA is first of all, don't ya think?
  6. I'm not sure what the WTV program is. I'm also unsure how PT schools will look at repeated courses. I would advice not repeating courses, but if I was you I would email ORPAS or read up their FAQ to see how they calculate repeated courses. For me right now, I'm taking new courses through my uni.
  7. I have been looking into this for months. I know they will average something for people like me without a 100% course load, BUT I still don't know how to calculate it I will literally pay someone to do this for me. I need to know if its worth it for me to volunteer across the next year (I have zero volunteer physio experience) by knowing if my GPA is high or not, because if its not then why even volunteer and do anything tbh, right? All of my courses in my last 20 are A- and above except two courses, but again I need to know what impact the whole averaging thing will have.
  8. It depends on where your poor grades are. I mean, if your poor grades are the most early of your 20 courses then it makes sense to take courses and hope to do well to replace those poor grades. But if your poor grades are very recent, or if they are evenly scattered across your last 20, then I don't think it makes sense to upgrade.
  9. thanks so it seems you don't have much physio specific experience? am I missing something?
  10. could you give a brief overview of your physio volunteering experience? I have zero. I have volunteering experience with vulnerable groups but none are in a physio setting.
  11. Ok thanks. I don't understand how I'm supposed to get volunteering experience nowadays. I dont think clinics are hiring volunteers (they really shouldn't).
  12. Thanks. Is it true that if you don't take a 100% course load then what ORPAS will do is average your grades from that year...instead of simply counting each individual grade (out of 4.0) and dividing by 20? This is the bit I really don't understand: "Where course grades/lengths must be extracted from a full term to make up the 20 course grades/lengths required, the average of the next grouping/duration of ORPAS GPA values will be used" Taking the average seems rather punishing....I'm not sure if they will do this in my case since my 20 courses end exactly at the beginning (first co
  13. Sorry a bit off topic but I thought I would ask here - How important is physio experience? I mean I have volunteer experience with several organizations (with at risk/vulnerable groups), but none are physio specific experience. Is this a big issue? Should I try to volunteer ASAP?
  14. How are you guys funding your education? Are most people here bankrolled by their parents?
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