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  1. I hate when schools pull stunts like this. If you prefer people with a full course load just say so in your website instead of keeping applicants in the dark and being secretive about it. It’s completely unnecessary and uncalled for to act like this.
  2. Lol if physio and ot schools only accept those with full course loads I am utterly screwed. I shouldn’t bother with applying then
  3. Yea you’re wrong. These services have people that sit down with you and ask you many questions for at least an hour. They ask about volunteering , and everything else that is relevant to the statement. Then they work with you to write up the statement. So the end product is completely based on your unique experiences.
  4. Do people indepndently write up their personal submission statement for Western and Queen's? Or are there companies, services, or individuals that you can pay to help you write it up? There are services like that for medical school so I'd imagine maybe there might be something like that for PT and OT.
  5. Thanks but I’m pretty sure the questions are not on the western website. I’m gonna check again. edit just checked it is there on western website for pt
  6. Hey peeps. Is it possible for me to know ahead of time the quesstions that Western Ot and PT AND Queen's PT ask in their application? Do these questions change year to year? If not Id really appreciate it if someone can share them with me as Id like to get started on them for the next cycle.
  7. I think this year was brutal due to the winter term classes of last year suddenly transitioning to online.....I bet many people cheated on exams and other assignments, thus the inflated grades. Personally several of my major exams for that term were 1) online, 2) Same time allowed, 3) No proctoring software was used. As you can imagine I know many people that got together on discord and other platforms to discuss answers....Some people just quick searched for the answers without studying for the exam at all. And they got away with it AND they did extremely well on those exams...the
  8. Do you know if the admission is more so based on sgpa and Casper to a lower extent? Or are both equally weighted?
  9. I assume this is for OT? Because for PT it’s a bit different as the cGPA cutoff is predetermined each year at 2.89/4.0 regardless of the applicant pool.
  10. I thought queens cGPA for physio is predetermined at 2.89/4.0 according to their website, and that it is the sGPA that fluctuates based on applicant pool. can anyone confirm this?
  11. No I didnt. I thought hospitals would be even harder to get than clinics nowadays due to covid
  12. What the hell man? This is super frustrating. I’m applying for next cycle and have handed in my resume and cover letter to more than twenty clinics and not a single one called me back. how am I supposed to have all of this physio experience to talk about in my application if clinics won’t accept me as a volunteer due to COVID? what am I supposed to do?
  13. Still cant find any places to take me on as a volunteer. By now I have been to about 20 clinics in my area. I am so screwed for the next intake cycle. Can anyone here help me please? If you know a physio in the GTA area (preferrably Hamilton/Burlington/Oakville) whos willing to take on a volunteer pls let me know. I understand due to COVID many are unwilling but physio schools have told me I still need to get my hours in regardless.
  14. Wait, I thought PT schools in Ontario are using winter 2020 grades. Are you talking about an out of province school? edit: nvm you guys are talking about UofA
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