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  1. Anyone know what exactly this means (yes im not great at math lol): more than two standard deviations about average on the CASPer test. I scored in the 4th quartile so I'm not sure if it applies to me.
  2. To be honest with you that sgpa is extremely low. Cutoff means anyone below it did not get considered regardless of what else they have to bring (experiences, volunteering, etc). Id encourage you to go to each schools website as some publish their admission stats. only thing you can do is take courses to upgrade that sgpa. PT school is extremely competitive. For reference I have 3.8x sGPA but couldn’t get physio volunteering due to covid and I I’m almost certain I’ll get rejected.
  3. All you can do is apply and hope for the best. Im not sure what 80% translates to in terms of sGPA, but you definitely have a shot.
  4. Hmm so it’s a like a contractor role, where the pay per hour is very lucrative but there is no guarantee of getting hours along with no benefits and no pension plan. But I don’t imagine there is a shortage of available work in this sector. so it’s either that or a salary position ( at a hospital for example) that pays quite less per hour but gives you benefits, pension plan and full time (if you manage to get it) and consistent hours.
  5. The other poster said community based make the least though? You said the OTs work in case management so maybe they get paid 55/hour because it’s management level job or something? just to be clear what’s the exact setting you work in? Nursing home/LTC? Something else? thanks in advance!
  6. Ok as another posted mentioned (ty!) you have to message takealtus through the chest feature to be able to input an ouac ID. so it says the ID must be 2021 followed by (no dash) the six digit ouac identifier, but my ouac ID is 0000 and then seven (not six) numbers. So so I just take the last six digits from those seven digits? I asked takealtus already but I’m wondering if anyone here knows!
  7. I did not know we have to add our orpas id on the Casper website. my ouac ID is 4 digits, a dash, then 7 digits. problem is I can’t figure out how to add the ouac ID. When I click on IDs on it says “no ID is needed” and if I try to edit my phone number it doesn’t switch to ID as another poster mentioned.
  8. I have been browsing Indeed and other job sites a lot lately, and it seems physiotherapy jobs are a bit more common than occupational therapy. But that's not it. With the exception of hospital jobs (which I heard are hard to get as a new grad), OT salaries appear to be quite a bit lower than PT. Kinda discouarging tbh. All that schooling just so that I can make 55-65k before taxes? The cop salary after 3 years is $105,000 (within 3 years it jumps from 65k to 105k). A 911 operator in the GTA makes $37/hour, and make more after some experience. In fact, many 911 operators are in
  9. You can make your point without throwing insults or wording it in that way. Your post is a perfect example of not how you communicate your points to the other side; it does nothing but further alienate both sides.
  10. So I’m going to comment only on ot. McMaster is most likely out of the question. Have a look at their admission data. 3.84 I believe to get an offer to the mmi. Uoft most likely out of the question. They say minimum 3.7 but I suspect those who get admitted have significantly higher averages as it’s uoft and they tend to emphasize gpa. western I think you have a good chance as for whatever reason the average of the most recent admitted class was 3.72. I suspect your chance at queens is just as decent as I think the required gpa there is similar to western.
  11. For references, it asks for their address in ORPAS. I assume this does not have to be their home address and it can be the organization's address, right?
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