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  1. Prior to dental school I worked for an optometrist. I scribed for him, so it was basically like full time shadowing. I gained a great insight into the field. Both professions are extremely rewarding and I believe you’ll live comfortably either way. Money shouldn’t guide your decision as your happiness is ultimately dictated by your daily tasks in your respective career. What I liked about optometry is that it’s more related to whole body health (dentistry is too, but the findings in optometry are quite profound), it is very scientific (big need for learning about the human body), and “fashion”
  2. Keep your head up! I’m sure the applicant pool was much larger and more competitive this year given that they did not consider mdt. It’s unfortunate to those like you that stood a fighting chance had you applied with those stats last year, but all you can do is keep working hard and you’ll get that opportunity soon
  3. I believe that we just have to send the additional documents/records that are needed to complete the form, but are not required to go get a healthcare provider to fill out the form again.
  4. Has anybody that has been accepted had there admission status in bear tracks change? I was accepted but my beartracks still says “decision pending” Also, did anybody receive confirmation that their acceptance documents arrived? I mailed mine and Canada post informed me that they were delivered, but I want to make sure that everything was processed and is sufficient for the admissions office. Does the admissions officer send a confirmation email?
  5. Has anybody emailed to ask for their interview score? Would there be any penalty for us emailing to obtain the score? I am apprehensive to email them, but would love to know!
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