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  1. Do you remember how many spots it moved that year? From that forum I saw around 21
  2. https://www.usherbrooke.ca/doctorat-medecine/admission/suivi-admission/ et c’est à-peu-près toujours ce ratio, si je me rapelle bien, c’était la même chose en 2019. @Médicomage pourrait confirmer aussi, il se peut que cette info existe dans un autre endroit.
  3. Il y a 2 places pour marché du travail, 1 place pour doctorat de recherche et 1 place pour sciences humaines. Donc il y a le plus de places pour le monde sur le marché de travail, dans la catégorie de profils particuliers.
  4. It has moved as much as 27 spots and as little as 5. It depends on the year, the DAT, etc. If you’re under 6, it’s an acceptance pretty much. I suspect it’ll move quite a bit this year, at least 15 if I had to guess.
  5. Also on wailist, #38 ahaha RIP my chances at McGill. The number is at the bottom of the page in your tasks!
  6. Congrats!!! I have a feeling the WL will move a lot this year since there was no DAT requirement.
  7. Congratulations!! If you don’t mind me asking, has your status changed on Minerva yet?
  8. Ahaha thank you for throwing me a bone! The usual, working and trying to stay grounded despite everything going on.
  9. Hi all! Trying to keep the hope alive. How’s everyone feeling? What are you doing to stay occupied?
  10. L'an passé, plusieurs personnes dans le contingent "Marché du travail" et "doctorat de recherche" (myself included!) on reçu un "faux refus" le 25 février, et ensuite un courriel le 27 qui expliquait que c'était une erreur. Ensuite, fin-mars 2020 nous avons reçus la convocation aux entrevues - qui était juste une réévaluation du CASPer à cause du Covid. La liste d'attente n'a pas bougé l'année passé pour ces contingents, but silver lining is that I made a new friend in the process LOL @Médicomage
  11. Same. The first 4 stations felt okay - I won't go as far as saying I aced them but I felt okay. And then... #5 came around LOL.
  12. Without revealing too much, I thought it was very challenging but I did enjoy the overall experience. I am completely unable to tell you if I did well or totally flopped because I truly truly don’t know. I find it very hard to gage - my feeling is very neutral. This was my first MMI experience as well.
  13. They used to provide all the ranking so total, broken down into adademic, cv, and casper. Last year they only provided overall ranking *edited to add academic
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