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  1. Any UofT applicants here that are confused how to send the transcript electronically, when their address is not in their database? Thanks
  2. how come not all of those in the HWL didn't get contacted today? Is that unprecedented?
  3. Hey congratulations! I'm assuming you were first quartile on the waitlist?
  4. do you guys think the time stamps in the e-mail has any significance?
  5. @Helpimscared @Premed12345 are any of you OOP and planning on rejecting the offer?
  6. Were all your friends normal waitlisted as well? Thanks for you support!
  7. Does anyone know if we can get our waitlist rank if we e-mail admissions? thanks!
  8. Does anyone have any rough estimate on how much movement there is for the OOP waitlist? Thanks!
  9. From previous threads apparently, if you got your reference contacted that means you made the cut-off is that right? Wouldn't that essentially mean you're at least wait listed (assuming no red flags from your references)?
  10. Also does anyone know what it means if your references are contacted? Does it mean that you're at least on the waitlist for sure?
  11. Can anyone who had their references contacted let us know the initial of their last name? Thanks!
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