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  1. Hi! IMG who matched to FM Calgary. Starting externship in May. I currently live in Edmonton, so looking for an apartment to buy (was pre approved by my bank for a mortgage) What are would you guys recommend to buy in Calgary that is not too close to downtown, but close enough to hospital/teaching sites. I understand there will be lots of traveling for my program but have to live somewhere anyways, any particular area you would suggest? North, south, east Calgary?
  2. I didn't apply to NOSM FM so I couldn't tell, hopefully you'll get an interview ! No news from Neuropathology yet
  3. Yes I got the email, thank you so much! I remain hopeful, but I'll start preparing for Carms 2021... Just can't give up yet! All the best too!
  4. Has anyone heard anything back from Nuclear Medicine or Neuropathology of the post match?
  5. I applied to Nuclear Medicine in the post match on Friday 17th... Haven't heard anything back yet
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