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  1. I have this as well and I am currently an MS1 at UBC! I wouldn't read too much into this change
  2. They said it was sent by the med faculty to the med students in all 4 years
  3. They apparently received an email a couple of weeks ago recruiting file reviewers and it said there were more than 4000 applications this year
  4. considering they hit a record number of applications this year, I personally doubt that it would drop...
  5. I have heard the same from my friends at U of T in the 2T0 class, 3.85 internal cutoff for all applicants regardless of grad or undergrad. They mentioned that if a separate AEE is written, they pull the application aside and look closer at the GPA and evaluate any extenuating circumstances.
  6. As an MS1, I feel the same level of pressure to be as actively involved in my school's student clubs as possible. Is this involvement beneficial and/or even significant for CaRMS application in comparison to other experiences such as research? For example, I am currently working as a part-time research assistant in 2 different labs currently (one basic science and one clinical research) and I'm concerned that I will struggle with burnout as the months drag on.
  7. The irony is that Mcmaster was the school that pioneered innovative interview strategies like the MMI. Now when push comes to shove, they are the ones that scrap the interview all together and resort to a lottery system...
  8. I was referring to people that did not have a mac interview but said they have the button - just to clarify
  9. It could be people that may not know what the button looks like exactly and are mistaking the red box for it
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