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  1. I just got an offer from Western for PT I was upper third on the waitlist
  2. So when I send my transcripts, would I put the information for ORPAS as the recipient, or would I send them to Western? Because I sent my initial ones to ORPAS after applying, so not sure if we do the same process or not.
  3. Hi everyone, quick question...if you are just on the waitlist do you have to send final transcripts to schools before hearing anything, or only if you get an offer? I read a few posts about it and I need some clarification.
  4. I emailed Ptadmissions@dal last week and Kelly responded to me last night. Yeah it is pretty discouraging because I wouldn't think any PEI applicant would decline their offer....are you waitlisted or accepted to any other school for OT? I am on the upper third waitlist for Western PT and am hoping for the best!!
  5. I just got an email from kelly, and I guess the waitlist for Dal still depends on seat allocations. She told me I am top half of the PEI waitlist...Kinda discouraging considering PEI only has two seats and those people probably won't decline their offer..
  6. This coming week some of us on the Dal PT waitlist should get emails/calls...Good luck everyone, I hope the waitlist moves for us!
  7. Also: Im on upper third waitlist for western...anyone know how likely it is to get a spot? (PT)
  8. hey yall, has there been anyone who declined their Dal PT offers to accept ontario school offers? Just wondering how much the dal waitlist will move...
  9. rejected from queens PT; waitlisted for Dal and Western..Hoping to get a spot somewhere
  10. got waitlisted for western PT, and I am on the upper third of the waitlist. Still have not heard from Queens...:(
  11. I believe so...I guess technically it will be thursday night then, right? (midnight)
  12. their website said that the place of residency is not a criteria in the selection process, so I feel like it is fair game for every applicant.
  13. becoming impatient to hear back from Western/Queen's PT...6 days people! Hope to get some good news; unsure of how competitive the schools are, but I assume very :/
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