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  1. YESYESYES I totally echo you there. I am so scared of getting waitlisted really far down where there is little-to no chances. I hope they release the results first thing on Minerva. My heart rate jumps every time a get a phone notification
  2. Yeah I don't see why not! Just clarify that it's for dentistry so that people know the difference!
  3. Bonne chance! Au moins t'obtain de l'expérience quand-même. Si c'est pas un succès, l'année prochaine vais aller mieux. Désolé de mon Français! Je suis anglophone pour la plupart.
  4. TIME STAMP: n/a Result: n/a MCAT: 499, I submitted it anyway since McGill only looks at it if it boosts your application Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): actually felt pretty good about it! I did it last year too so I guess that helped me prepare a lot. Year: first year graduate student in health science, tech and policy at Carleton. IP/OOP/International: IP Comments: I probably put in 40+ hours of interview practice and prep, I pestered any friend that would practice and also practiced with a group of other med students on fb. Best of luck to eve
  5. Thought I would start a thread for acceptance, waitlist and rejection time stamps and details since the McGill target response day is March 25th! It's coming in hot!
  6. Oui, je crois qu'il sont sur zoom cette année. C'est écrit entrevue virtuelle sur le site-web pour confirmer l'entrevue
  7. Thanks I'm sorry to hear that! Have you heard back from McGill yet? Honestly, I usually find **DELETED** annoying with how much they advertise to premed students, but they really pull through with the CASPer prep videos. I watched a couple and there is generally a formula (ALWAYS emphasize compassion, honesty, integrity, etc) you can try to follow in your head to help guide you through the questions under pressure. Here's the link to the video I found most helpful and rewatched each time I took the CASPer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqX6xP8VAoo&ab_channel=BeMoAcademicConsulting
  8. Did you look further down your application? if it says a time and date for your interview, it means you've been invited! Last year I didn't receive an email until 10 pm
  9. TIME STAMP: 3:00 PM (I still haven't received the official email, but minerva has the date and time listed for my interview, which from my experience last year means I've been invited!) Result: Invite for interview! GPA: 3.95 ECs (CV): Volunteering for club at school, community volunteering, two publications in progress, NSERC USRA award, scholarships, hobbies (piano playing, etc), lots of lab and work experience Year: First year graduate student Feelings about Casper: Pretty confident, I feel like I have a pretty good formula for success on the CASPer at this point since I've tak
  10. No it doesn't! Im going to ask about it since I should technically qualify for RSPP waitlist as well... There's no rank since it's such a small list, which is great for you check the link next to the wait list statement in minerva
  11. I guess I should give a proper summary Result: waitlisted #88 MTL and #40 Out Pre-req GPA: 3.96 MCAT: none Year: fourth year undergraduate Feeling out of interview: pretty positive but not perfect, felt like 7/10 IP, RSPP Comments: pretty damn disappointed. Still going to keep hope though since you never know. Best of luck to everyone.
  12. Update, I've checked Minerva and it looks like the waitlist for me... Rank #88 for MTL Rank #40 for Outaouais Still no email though which is strange. Does anyone know if I even remotely have a chance? Or should I just throw in the towel now?
  13. Still waiting as well. The anticipation and anxiety is absolutely killing me!!
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