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  1. yepp they are prolly better doctors if anything haha Canadian medicine is great, but not the worlds best at all
  2. Nope, my home country has the same quality of applicants and produces same level of doctors, just that we have a sub 1% acceptance rate
  3. I mean for me a 30% chance of interview is much easier than a 0.33% chance. Much easier in Canada by a long shot lol
  4. Seems UofS has a rule in which anyone who lived in Sask for 15yrs or more is considered IP, so I would be IP in that case. I was just wondering then how exactly I would need to provide proof. I left Sask in 2020, but lived there from 2004 (as a child).... How exactly would I provide proof of this? Or is proof even needed? I was only a child back then, so i do not have any official bills or anything... I was only 4 yrs old in 2004, so how exactly would I prove I lived there?
  5. Oh no Im talking my home country where there are only 100 seats for about 30,000 applicants. So Canada (Alberta especially) seems much easier in comparison
  6. yeah 30% fairly easy to be honest. Compared to where im from with sub 5% interview rates, 30% is chill
  7. damn 37% interview rate is absurd. Anyone know what post-interview acceptance rates are?
  8. I know UofC had about 1700 applicants- but only 1550 were legit, so assuming Alberta is similar, there should be atleast 30% interview rate (which is pretty good). Anyone know what post interview acceptance rates?
  9. Basically, what % of applicants from Alberta get an interview to UofC?
  10. Basically what % of Albertan applicants statistically get interviews?
  11. Just wondering if anyone can clarify the exact financial situation if they know someone who has done so including living costs and tuition (basically all costs)? My family and I can support about 350k- 400K for my education/living costs abroad... however any more may get tight. Just wondering if this is possible?
  12. Has anybody applied to uofA dental in second or third year? What exactly were your stats, ECs, etc...? How much harder is it to get in then?
  13. Just wondering how competitive it would be to get an interview as an IP applicant in 3rd year? What stats, extracurriculars, etc.. would you need? Anybody get accepted in 3rd?
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