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  1. Seems UofS has a rule in which anyone who lived in Sask for 15yrs or more is considered IP,  so I would be IP in that case.

    I was just wondering then how exactly I would need to provide proof. I left Sask in 2020, but lived there from 2004 (as a child).... How exactly would I provide proof of this? Or is proof even needed? 

    I was only a child back then, so i do not have any official bills or anything... I was only 4 yrs old in 2004, so how exactly would I prove I lived there?


  2. On 1/19/2021 at 7:14 PM, interestedinrads said:

    Good? yea. But it seems most people who say this are from Ontario where the data is way skewed to look worse because of the # of schools and how everyone applies to all schools

    Oh no Im talking my home country where there are only 100 seats for about 30,000 applicants.

    So Canada (Alberta especially) seems much easier in comparison

  3. 19 minutes ago, Weltschmerz said:

    UME does not disclose this information.

    Overall, ~528 applicants are interviewed, and I am guessing there are ~2000 applications total.

    I know UofC had about 1700 applicants- but only 1550 were legit, so assuming Alberta is similar, there should be atleast 30% interview rate (which is pretty good).

    Anyone know what post interview acceptance rates?

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