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  1. hey, is that true ? I can't find the «snapshot» specificity on their website. I hope not, because from what I read, it is like a mini-MMI where you record your answers......
  3. that whole people-skipped thing makes me so anxious
  4. but like if there is 3-5 places or 5-10 places why don't they just do a wave and send it right away ?
  5. My guess is that they have sent every offers, but they wait to see if everyone has the requirements before sending the «class is full» email.
  6. okay so here's what Chantal answered................................................................ exactly the same as english and I asked specifically for french.......... Bonjour, Merci pour votre courriel et pour votre patience. Il n’y a actuellement pas beaucoup de mouvement sur la liste d’attente car nous sommes très près d’avoir une classe complète. Dès que tous les places seront acceptées, nous enverrons certainement un courriel générique à tous ceux et celles qui restent sur la liste d’attente pour les informer. Cordialement, Cha
  7. yes and she said «the class» and not «the classes»... I don't know, I don't want to believe that it's full, especially for french like it almost did not move and like Quebec accepts more medical students and everything... Like being rational, I would expect a bigggg wave ! I guess we will know soon, the email is sent !
  8. at first I was really happy with Diane's answer, it gave me hope, but then I started to think it might be like a generic answer because they do not want to give to much details... you know what ? imma send another email to the Queen herself, Chantale, and I'll ask specifically for the french WL. I'll let you guys know ! Desperate times, desperate measures !
  9. so I send the email yesterday night and Diane just answered (they do answer so fast !)... She told me : « Il y a encore du mouvement sur la liste d’attente. Une fois que la classe sera complète, nous allons envoyer un courriel à tous les candidats sur la liste d’attente. Je vous souhaite bonne chance, Diane» In English : There is still some movement on the WL. When the class will be complete, we will send an email to everybody on the WL. I wish you good luck, Diane» It gives me a little hope ! and I hope you are right about the facebook group
  10. That would make sense, honestly. We only had 2 mini-tiny waves ! I «trust» your guts, TrustTheProcess (pun intended) !
  11. yo ! avez-vous eu du mouvement ? du côté stream «général» c'est mort ! juste 5 personnes ont eu des offres à date ! c'est à se demander si les francos ne sont pas mis de côté, lol (parce que du bord des anglais, ça bouge en masse) ! j'vous envoie plein d'amour ! vraiment pas facile d'être sur la WL !
  12. and honestly guys, if there is still no movement on thursday, imma take one for the team and send an email to Chantal to ask if the french class is full...
  13. Today was so HARD ! I was hoping all day... mennnnnnn ! I swear seconds were hours ! I know that we don't have every information and that there is a lot of assumptions... But 5 spots off seems really small to me. I mean ? Everybody is on premed101, no ? And people with good stats are more incline to post, no ? I can not believe that the class is full, especially because they skipped anabanana and that's too odd. We are also only june 10th... I guess that is still early ? Anyways, if somebody hear some movement in the french WL, please tell us
  14. hahahaha I feel ya ! Literally, can not do anything else ! I've been so sleepless lately that my social networks are full of sleeping pills ads... Big Brother knows ! The only thing really helping me is that page... I love you guys
  15. I know I swear it is driving me nuts !
  16. Why do they send 2 or 3 offers at the time ? It stresses me out ! After the 2 weeks delay, they had to know how many seats were left to fill. Logically, there should have been a big wave, then small ones for those of the WL who refused their offer. Although we do not have all the information, this is not what seems to be happening ... at least, not in the French stream ... They sent 3 offers on May 26, all accepted - then 2 last Tuesday , also accepted by the waitlisters... I paranoid that the class is full ... but only 5 places off seem small for French speakers since the tuition
  18. The only 3 offers made were on may 26th, which was a tuesday and we are tuesday today. Aaaaaahhhh ! How come they are on 40th in the english stream ? Maybe there was people before appledanish ? I feel so anxious today.
  19. okayyy now everything should be fine ! sorry again
  20. sorry about that mp44518... I lost the Excel file and did it again, I was distracted.
  21. Stats updated for the frenchies. Timestamp theory does not seem to work at all.
  22. ooohhhh... Exact same GPA and exact same time as CSC and MedSchoolHope101 ! Three candidates with the same timestamp. Even weirder, there is also me (DrHopes) and ccforMD with the same timestamp but a different GPA (3,96 and 3,84)...
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