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  1. Since I am now finalizing my Carms application, I would like to know are there any negative impact of adding extra documents to my application, like: conference certificates, publications, additional graduate certificates or proof of my CV mentioned achievements? I heard that in some programs the application can be discarded due to additional non required documents attached, is that true?
  2. Is it confirmed that next year Carms would have virtual interviews? If so I think this will affect a lot the types of interviews available, like the MMI for example would be very difficult to be conducted online, as well as the multi- station interviews. Any thought about this?
  3. yes I am an IMG Do you recommend a certain IMG practice for the interview?
  4. Well, since the Carms is over for now, let's focus on the essentials. So, to me, what is truly frustrating is to get the interview and then you are told you were ok at the interview but you should be a top performer.So, i am looking for tips on how to master the interview? What are the tips and tricks for giving the best performance?
  5. How much would you rate the impact of the interview on the overall match result? I mean i had some interviews which i thought i did ok, and i had some feedback that i was good. So, is there any advice about the interview? and how can you master it? Obviously, i know it requires training and practice, i am just and IMG with no strong interview background. So, the advise i was given is that i should be "WOW" at the interview. To what extent is this right?
  6. I am so happy for everyone who matched, whether IMG, CMG or CSA. There is always a chance in every match and every iteration. I got 2 interviews on first iteration and one on the second one. I am trying for a competitive speciality obviously , but Unfortunately, I did not match this year, hoping for the best next year.
  7. Looking for a hope and some positive vibes around Can anyone help by sharing their positive second iteration match experience? and whether CMG, CSA or IMG? PLEASE Thanks
  8. Well, i really feel i won't be able to check my results tomorrow. I am severely anxious since first iteration result Hoping the best for everyone
  9. so nervous feeling my chances are really low as an IMG, but trying to stay positive at the same time
  10. Anatomical Pathology: UManitoba (Mar 23) McMaster (March 19) Family Medicine: Western (March 20), Dalhousie (March 20), MUN (March 20), McGill (Gatineau, March 20), Laval (March 20), NOSM (March 21), USASK (March 23), Ottawa (Community, March 23), McGill (Val d'Or, March 23), Sherbrooke (March 23), Calgary rural (March 24), McMaster (March 24), Calgary city (March 24), Montreal (March 24) General Pathology :McMaster (March 20), Alberta (March 23), Calgary (March 23), Dalhousie (March 24) General Surgery: (Manitoba March 24), (Dal, March 25) Hematological Pathology:
  11. Anatomical Pathology: Family Medicine: Western (March 20), Dalhousie (March 20), NOSM (March 21) General Pathology: General Surgery: Hematological Pathology: Internal Medicine: Medical Genetics and Genomics: Medical Microbiology: Neurology: Manitoba (March 20) Neuropathology: Nuclear Medicine: Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Sask (March 20-) Sask (March 22) Orthopaedic Surgery: MUN (March 21), Manitoba (March 22) PM&R: Public Health and Preventive Medicine: Urology: Vascular Surgery:
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