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  1. Yah good points honestly. I feel like me having a job will be more productive than say, volunteer at a soup kitchen in terms of applying to med. Not to mention its an extra source of cash.
  2. Damn you got interviews to both Western and U of T, both schools i'd love to get invites to. Probably won't get any invites as a third year tho lol. Mind sharing a bit what your ecs were and if you have any tips for essay writing? Thanks for the reply btw.
  3. Thanks man, good luck on your interviews. Is there anyplace in my ecs you think I could improve in?
  4. Thanks for the reply. Seeing some of the other applicant EC's made me question mine lol.
  5. Hi everyone. Wondering if anyone could let me know if I realistically have any chances to get an interview as a 3rd year. The main thing i'm worried about are my ec's. Stats: 130/128/129/129 - did the full version practice after studying a bunch GPA: 4.0 until now, hopefully will be maintained EC's: Swim instructor for a couple years ( only in high school, stopped when I started uni ), worked on campus for 3 years now, couple hobbies ( mostly outdoor stuff like camping, backpacking etc ), went from beginner to advanced level jiu jitsu, have done research, started a c
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