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  1. Accepted! Second time applying, I was waitlisted last year. IP (NS) MCAT: 504 GPA: 3.7
  2. I agree with all of the frustration in this situation. All we can do is wait... and hope that the decision will come early April.
  3. Yes another one was contacted in January. I thought it was crazy that they were contacting them this late too, I figured the results would be done and they just had to send out the emails. But if they are still checking verifiers, that could be why they delayed until April?
  4. I have been following this thread for awhile now but thought I would make a post because I am also anxiously waiting until April for the decision letters to be sent out. Over the past couple days I have had two references say they were contacted, one by email and one by phone. Not sure what this means in terms of an acceptance, but at least is shows they are still working on things! Hope that helps.
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