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  1. I think the 12 OOP waitlist movement the year before mine (Fall 2019) was also an exceptional year. The norm for OOP waitlist movement is generally 7-8 people. That being said maybe the lack of DAT this year will change things a bit.
  2. I can't speak to other years, but last year OOP movement was 5-7 spots. When i spoke to upper year McGill Dental students, I think 7 may be the usual amount of movement that we could expect. Good Luck everyone!
  3. Waitlisted Best 2 year avg: 89.5% DAT: 21/22/19 ABS: Competitive Interview: Felt the worst of the ones I have completed. Prefer in-person interviews, and being able to converse with a panel. Also, could not get used to staring in the webcam haha. Will be removing my name from wait list for McGill. All the best to everyone!
  4. Most US OMFS Programs will only accept students who attended Canadian or US Dental schools.
  5. I heard CBSE is very important for every program, as well as your references and extracurricular activities.
  6. I am not sure about Canadian schools. I think your best bet is to look at the website or contact them if your are interested. I am not sure how they look at each. All i know is they look at both for some US MD OMFS programs.
  7. Thanks everyone for the advice so far. It seems as though UWO would currently be my last choice, if I am lucky enough to receive an acceptance there. Are there any schulich students or alumni that can speak to what UWO has to offer ?
  8. There is actually a lot more variability in dentistry then people give credit too, but yes of course that pales in comparison to all of the med specialties. I am having a little trouble with what you mean by surgical type vs medical type. All I know is I enjoy working with my hands, and look forward to the potential autonomy in opening up my own clinic. There are very few medical surgical specialties that allow you to do both, especially in Canada. However, I will carefully weigh out my options depending on the acceptances I get. I am sure I would be happy to be a part of either professio
  9. Yeah - usually OMFS residencies are 4-6 years (depends whether you want the MD) and there are only 6 spots in Canada which is true. It is competitive probably on the same level as ROAD specialties in medical school, but is definitely doable if you aim for it in the beginning. The reason for this is that there are a fair number of US OMFS residencies that accept Canadians as well. US and Canadian programs can take students right after dent school, but some prefer the student completes a 1 year GPR beforehand. As for med vs dent... I am having hard time deciding. I feel like both careers are
  10. Hello, I am not in medical school, but have interviewed at both medical and dental schools in Canada this cycle. I was just curious how oral and maxillofacial surgeons do in terms of pay and worklife balance compared to purely med specialties like ENT? Thanks!
  11. Yes many OMFS programs in USA that have a combined MD component assess your undergraduate GPA as well. Not so much for other programs that i know of though!
  12. Hello all, I know this thread has been initiated before and i have looked at those threads already but wanted to create a more recent thread to see your thoughts. Here are my pros and cons for each: McGill + Cheap Tuition (97k) + High Specialization Rate (30% of grads) + Pass/fail curriculum +Montreal is a great place to live +/- Small class size - Proficiency in french by clinical year - combined curriculum with med first 1.5 years UofT + Great place to live + amazing clinical experience from year 1 + Renowned faculty and alumni networks + Internation
  13. Yes got off the wait list last Thursday! My stats are: Result: Admitted off wait list Pre-req GPA: 3.85 DAT: made cut-offs Feeling out of interview: thought it went pretty well, felt genuine in my responses. Had some actors actually give me a thumbs up after some of the role play stations. A couple stations felt pretty average, but the break stations definitely helped in re-organizing my game plan. Think i performed relatively well in the interview given my lower OOP pre-req GPA. OOP Comments: Felt good coming out of interview, felt much worse about it a couple w
  14. When is the deadline to respond to the initial offer? There may be a wave after that.
  15. Yeah its hard to say, but it would probably be the best indicator to IP wait-list movement for now.
  16. At what rank on OOP waitlist do you think you're guaranteed entry? Asking because I dont know if I want to throw down a hefty deposit for another program.
  17. What rank are all the OOP waitlisted and how do you find out? Also if you were a rank < 3 on OOP waitlist, would you have a good chance?
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