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  1. It would probably depend on which school you’re submitting the letter to!
  2. That’s great to hear! Congrats and thanks for the motivation! :)
  3. Non-SWOMEN, but it gives me some hope that you went from low waitlist to accepted! Congratulations on your acceptance!!
  4. I feel the exact same way. Low waitlisted after an interview that I felt I did really well on. This is my third cycle applying and my first interview at Western (my dream school) due to improving my CARS score. I interviewed a couple of times at another school that takes a low % of applicants post-interview. Although I was upset when rejected, I didn’t feel AS defeated, since the odds weren’t in my favour to begin with at that point. In this case, it’s discouraging to think that they eventually accept over 50% of interviewees. I’ve also worked so so hard to improve ever since those interviews
  5. I think my curiosity is going to overpower me, and I'll be checking the Western portal at midnight lol...but I'll probably check here first so that I'm warned as to whether I should be expecting to see anything on the Western portal. As for OMSAS in general, I'll probably wait until the morning, since it seems like it's less consistent, and I don't want to get even more stressed out over seeing nothing.
  6. I'm really hoping that they're flexible on the deadline, especially with labs being closed since early March. I only had 2/3 weeks of lab work left, and I'm not optimistic that my program or external committee will allow me to defend without complete results. Just trying to write my thesis and get everything else done in the meantime.
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