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  1. I did! Didn't hear back from them yet. They sent an automatic reply saying that it may be several days before they respond.
  2. The same thing happened to me too! Glad I'm not the only one. I'll probably email UofT to get my ACORN login because I'm sure they never sent me an email about that.
  3. Accepted at U of T, still waiting on a response from Ottawa! cGPA 3.61, sGPA 3.91 Has anyone heard back from Ottawa yet?
  4. Interesting, I didn't get that email (applied to UOttawa PT). The last email I got from them was the covid one in late April.
  5. Just received my CAP invite email for U of T PT! Does anyone know how many ppl (approx.) are invited to write the CAP out of everyone that applies? I think there's usually 900 applicants and 100-110 spots, but I'm curious to know how many people make it to this stage.
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