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  1. Correct, the MSS will take care of it, but they only get the finalized class list in mid summer, so they can't make it any earlier than that!
  2. R&E stands for reflection and evaluation. It's an exam covering all the material that was learnt so far, but with a strong emphasis on more clinical presentations/case scenarios. The exam itself is only 2h, and other exams can be scheduled during that week, but there are no classes.
  3. My understanding is that class rank/grades are maintained internally for scholarship and prizes reasons. Residency programs would not have access to that so it will not matter for CaRMs.
  4. In my experience, even when i ended up registering in late May there were still a lot of spots left in august. Maybe COVID changed things, but you shouldn't have too much difficulty. Since Quebec schools don't require the MCAT I don't think Montreal is a popular writing spot anyways. If my memory serves, I wrote at 800 René-Lévesque Blvd W suite 890, if that helps you out?
  5. They definitely have locations because I wrote my MCAT in downtown Montreal in the summer of 2019, and I registered super late (late May/early June). It is possible dates aren't out yet for summer writings? For Ontario it looks like it's going up tomorrow.
  6. Enjoy your time off, for a couple reasons. 1) All of my classmates that used the summer before M1 to finish their masters/PhD/whatever has told me they regretted it. They had no break and felt worn out before they even started. 2) I don't know how efficient/productive you will actually be at self studying, and if you're not as productive as you'd hoped you would? You'll feel bad/guilty for it. I know we are all extremely capable of self study, but you won't know exactly what will be useful for med school, so you might waste time studying useless stuff. MCAT material wasn't always us
  7. Office of Admissions, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, McGill University 1010 Sherbrooke St. W., Suite 1230 Montreal, QC, CANADA H3A 2R7 It's hidden away in this webpage: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements/elements/transcripts
  8. I forgot what exactly was on Minerva at the time for me, but I waited until the final grades were out and my degree was officially conferred (and marked as such on my transcript) before sending them an official copy. Sending them before final grades are out is sort of pointless, since you'll need to send them again once grades are out and degree is conferred. I did not send it earlier.
  9. That's normal, since you wouldn't be submitting them yourself. You have to request an official transcript from your home institution to be sent to McGill (in whatever way your institution is doing that these days). The checklist will update once they receive and process the transcript.
  10. That I can't say haha it took a while last year... You can definitely get started by checking you have all your boosters though. As long as you get the ball rolling on them, and submit what you have before the deadline, the McGill nurses will assess how long it should take you to complete the list and get in touch then. They were a little more flexible last year because they gave us the list late and no CLSC or doctor's office was super interested in vaccinating for boosters.
  11. I took the "BLS provider" certificate with Heart and Stroke last year. No issues from McGill
  12. Au niveau de la médecine: S'il a la citoyenneté canadienne, il est considéré comme Canadien. Par contre, puisqu'il fait son bac à l'étranger, il se peut qu'il faut qu'il fasse évaluer son diplôme par une agence indépendante, WES (c'est le cas pour de nombreuses écoles de médecine ailleurs au Canada). Je ne sais pas si c'est le cas pour les écoles francophones ou si elles le font elles-mêmes. Ce qui vient aussi compliquer la donne c'est que de nombreuses écoles ont des quotas qui favorisent les résidents de leur province. Dépendamment de ses circonstances, il se peut que ton ami se retrouv
  13. EDIT: Désolé je ne savais pas que c'était pour les écoles dentaires! Je viens juste de voir tes tags. Désolé, ce que j'ai écrit ne s'applique qu'à la médecine. Mais je le laisse au cas où! Je peux seulement répondre partiellement à ta question... Je ne connais pas très bien les modalités d'évaluations des notes et GPA des 3 écoles francophones au Québec donc je ne sais pas si il y a un moyen d'effacer ces notes. Il faut aussi savoir que les 3 écoles francophones n'utilisent pas le GPA direct, mais une CRU, qui prend en compte la "difficulté" du programme. Pour McGill, si tu refais un
  14. I can comment. Normal structure is 3h of lectures in the morning+ afternoon "tutorial" sessions (called small groups)/labs/practical stuff. COVID pushed most of it online but we still have some in person stuff. Lectures are now live on zoom (or occasionally prerecorded). The quality depends on the lecturer, but it's been pretty good! Anatomy labs were reduced to about 25% in person. The remainder were zoom anatomy sessions with about 3-4 students/breakout room with an application and a TA/teacher dropping in periodically. The anatomy organizers really worked hard to make it the best they
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