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  1. I would add that McGill is adding a requirement for french proficiency for the 2023 intake (apply by November 2022). Completing high school and CEGEP in Quebec, even if in English, or completing the CASPer test in French, is enough for an exemption. No mention of exemptions for those having completed high school in french elsewhere, however. Read more here: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements/general-requirements/language
  2. If "opp" a typo of OOP, then are you a francophone from outside ontario/quebec? You may consider applying via the CNFS stream (here); I think I remember the cutoff being lower but I could be wrong.
  3. If I recall correctly, the MCAT was only used to boost the science prereq GPA score if it made it more competitive for the applicant. Now they state this on their website: Since they are no longer assessing the sGPA competitively, there is no obvious spot for the MCAT to be integrated in the selection process.
  4. Yeah for medicine the official schedules are not on Minerva, they are on another site/app called one45. They will explain how to access it during orientation. As for the original question, it's difficult to provide a good sample week since afternoons are never the same. In general, from 8:35-11:35 there are 3h worth of lectures, with 10 minute breaks between each. Lunch is usually 1h from 11:35-12:35, then there are afternoon sessions. It can range anywhere from an anatomy lab (~4h), a small group (~1-3h on paper, although they can often go overtime), ultrasound sessions (no more than 1h)
  5. Nope! You don't need scrubs for first year. What you will need is a lab coat that you don't mind if it starts smelling like formaldehyde for anatomy. I just used the lab coat I used during my undergrad. As for the required equipment... In all honesty, all I purchased was the stethoscope and the short white lab coat. On top of that I don't think there are very interesting discounts for the stethoscopes during orientation, it's more of the "buy with us and you can get a free X" kind of salespitch. I bought mine off Amazon for roughly the same price and with the colors I wanted (that weren't
  6. 1. There is, but I don't know where you could find that. Once you have access to myCourses (they set that up during orientation), there is access to a tentative schedule with dates, but until then I think your best bet is to contact the relevant admin for them to let you know! 2. I don't think there is special parking for med students, you would probably need to apply like any other student for a McGill parking pass (info here) or acquire a parking pass elsewhere in downtown, not affiliated to McGill. It does run quite pricey to park however... Try browsing the McGill redd*t page to see w
  7. 1. It's difficult to know how the pandemic will impact "competitive" GPAs. Average GPA invited for interviews for the last admission cycle was 3.89 for QC cohort, but average tells us nothing about spread. The average of successful applicants is around 3.8. This is all information available on their website though; I do not have any insider information. 2. I don't know the context of your first semester of undergrad, but if you experienced "serious medical or personal difficulties" during that time, you can choose to apply for extenuating circumstances. This will require "proof" (medical
  8. Honestly I don't know what we would know that admissions wouldn't! So I wouldn't worry about what you can't know. Since you are doing a BSc, only that GPA will matter for admissions, and prereqs can be either from your CEGEP courses or your undergrad courses. Good luck!
  9. M1: Christmas break is roughly 2 weeks. It depends on where exams fall during exam week, you may get 2-3 extra days if they are early in the week. Summer break is ~2 months, from mid-June to mid-August M2: I don't have the exact numbers but looks like christmas is again ~2 weeks, and summer is shorter than M1 (~5 weeks) https://www.mcgill.ca/ugme/files/ugme/mdcm_schema_2020-02-07_en.pdf
  10. 2) Quebec french schools do NOT look at extracurriculars at all. It's pure CRU+CASPer+MMIs. CRU is a weighted GPA calculation based on the schools' own estimation of how competitive/difficult your undergrad was. Ontario doesn't have quite the same OOP restrictions as other provinces do but it is extremely competitive, and most require the MCAT.
  11. Mornings are never free. That being said, these are normally lectures, which you have no obligation to attend/watch live, since recordings are always done. There are the occasional mornings with a mandatory activity but those are in the minority. For afternoons, it's a little more open, but it's unpredictable from block to block. There are definitely some completely free afternoons. There are mandatory-we-take-attendance activities like small groups. Anatomy labs have flip-flopped between mandatory and not over the years. There are also afternoons with histology labs for which attendance
  12. http://legisquebec.gouv.qc.ca/en/ShowDoc/cr/I-13.3, r. 4 Here are the criteria. You may be able to qualify under the "Québec is the last place where the student resided for 12 consecutive months while not pursuing full-time studies" category or the "one of the student’s parents or his or her sponsor has his or her residence in Québec", depending on where your guardians reside.
  13. Correct, the MSS will take care of it, but they only get the finalized class list in mid summer, so they can't make it any earlier than that!
  14. R&E stands for reflection and evaluation. It's an exam covering all the material that was learnt so far, but with a strong emphasis on more clinical presentations/case scenarios. The exam itself is only 2h, and other exams can be scheduled during that week, but there are no classes.
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