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  1. Au niveau de la médecine: S'il a la citoyenneté canadienne, il est considéré comme Canadien. Par contre, puisqu'il fait son bac à l'étranger, il se peut qu'il faut qu'il fasse évaluer son diplôme par une agence indépendante, WES (c'est le cas pour de nombreuses écoles de médecine ailleurs au Canada). Je ne sais pas si c'est le cas pour les écoles francophones ou si elles le font elles-mêmes. Ce qui vient aussi compliquer la donne c'est que de nombreuses écoles ont des quotas qui favorisent les résidents de leur province. Dépendamment de ses circonstances, il se peut que ton ami se retrouv
  2. EDIT: Désolé je ne savais pas que c'était pour les écoles dentaires! Je viens juste de voir tes tags. Désolé, ce que j'ai écrit ne s'applique qu'à la médecine. Mais je le laisse au cas où! Je peux seulement répondre partiellement à ta question... Je ne connais pas très bien les modalités d'évaluations des notes et GPA des 3 écoles francophones au Québec donc je ne sais pas si il y a un moyen d'effacer ces notes. Il faut aussi savoir que les 3 écoles francophones n'utilisent pas le GPA direct, mais une CRU, qui prend en compte la "difficulté" du programme. Pour McGill, si tu refais un
  3. I can comment. Normal structure is 3h of lectures in the morning+ afternoon "tutorial" sessions (called small groups)/labs/practical stuff. COVID pushed most of it online but we still have some in person stuff. Lectures are now live on zoom (or occasionally prerecorded). The quality depends on the lecturer, but it's been pretty good! Anatomy labs were reduced to about 25% in person. The remainder were zoom anatomy sessions with about 3-4 students/breakout room with an application and a TA/teacher dropping in periodically. The anatomy organizers really worked hard to make it the best they
  4. I didn't apply there so I don't know the details, sorry, but I think spring/summer credits count :). They drop winter 2020, then look at the worst year and start dropping credits from there until they reach the 30 dropped credits or 90 remaining credits.
  5. U of C also values ECs very highly, and your CARS score is pretty good. Did you look into UBC? If anyone with more knowledge about UBC's aGPA policy could chime in, but don't they drop the worst 30 credits from 120 credits or until they reach 90 credits? You would need some English credits though. There are 2 Ontarian schools that only look at the 2 last or the 2 strongest years with some extra requirements (I don't recall which... I think Queens and Western???). Those could be a possibility if you match the requirements. Edit: Actually I think UBC first drops the winter 2020
  6. That's wild! I guess I never noticed. I always thought the 2 GPAs was to show the final conversion ex: if your school uses a 4.3 scale. It would make sense re: CEGEP, but it's super weird they don't mention it anywhere.
  7. I think first year courses are taken into consideration. I did high school+uni in Alberta and I'm pretty sure my first year courses counted in my cGPA for McGill.
  8. As long as you have a 120-credit completed degree you are eligible. The "4 year" thing is probably not important and just there to help applicants understand what a 120-credit degree represents. That being said, 120-credit degrees are made to be completed in 4 years, not 3. Rushing through might do you more harm than good by dropping your GPA because you'll be needing to take more courses per semester. Some required courses may just not be offered in the semester you were wanting to take it in either. There are only a few schools that take applicants that have not finished their fourth y
  9. Oui McGill demande un dépôt non-remboursable pour accepter l'offre (~$500). Cela étant dit, McGill vient tout juste d'ouvrir un campus satellite à Gatineau où l'instruction se fait en français si tu préfères apprendre en français! Après les MEMs de McGill, ils te font remplir un formulaire avec un ordre de tes préférences de campus.
  10. If you are offered admission they will request finalized transcripts if, like Medicomage said, you are completing prereqs or are still completing a year of university. They won't request them before. UdeM assesses the Fall semester of the application year, which is why they request you send transcripts after those grades are finalized. McGill does not assess that Fall semester.
  11. McGill accepts retakes, and will consider the best of the two grades. It's a bit buried in this guide (ctrl-F "retake" and it should pop up): https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/files/medadmissions/maaw_workbook_user_guide_en_2021_final.pdf
  12. School: Mcgill Year (1 or 2): 1 Lecture delivery method (online/ in person/ other [please explain]): Online with a mix of live and old recordings from 2019 (depends on the unit). Anatomy labs have been reduced to 25% in person, 75% digital learning. Shadowing/clinic visits delivery method (online/ in person/ other [please explain]): Dedicated family medicine shadowing course has proceeded, although depending on the fam doc you are following, it varies. It can be in-person consults, in-person telemedicine in a clinic, etc... Small clinical encounters that are part of another cour
  13. How it was explained to me during the interview presentation was that you apply for MD-PhD, there are 2 outcomes (besides an outright rejection): - If you are selected as MD-PhD, that is your only offer. You can accept or reject it, but you will not get another offer - You are NOT selected for the MD-PhD stream, then your application is forwarded to the MD stream. You compete against other MD stream applicants. You can get an offer, but that will be your only offer. Basically you only get one offer. They don't like it when students drop the PhD stream after they've started
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