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  1. If you are offered admission they will request finalized transcripts if, like Medicomage said, you are completing prereqs or are still completing a year of university. They won't request them before. UdeM assesses the Fall semester of the application year, which is why they request you send transcripts after those grades are finalized. McGill does not assess that Fall semester.
  2. McGill accepts retakes, and will consider the best of the two grades. It's a bit buried in this guide (ctrl-F "retake" and it should pop up): https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/files/medadmissions/maaw_workbook_user_guide_en_2021_final.pdf
  3. School: Mcgill Year (1 or 2): 1 Lecture delivery method (online/ in person/ other [please explain]): Online with a mix of live and old recordings from 2019 (depends on the unit). Anatomy labs have been reduced to 25% in person, 75% digital learning. Shadowing/clinic visits delivery method (online/ in person/ other [please explain]): Dedicated family medicine shadowing course has proceeded, although depending on the fam doc you are following, it varies. It can be in-person consults, in-person telemedicine in a clinic, etc... Small clinical encounters that are part of another cour
  4. How it was explained to me during the interview presentation was that you apply for MD-PhD, there are 2 outcomes (besides an outright rejection): - If you are selected as MD-PhD, that is your only offer. You can accept or reject it, but you will not get another offer - You are NOT selected for the MD-PhD stream, then your application is forwarded to the MD stream. You compete against other MD stream applicants. You can get an offer, but that will be your only offer. Basically you only get one offer. They don't like it when students drop the PhD stream after they've started
  5. It could just not be available yet. Applications usually open later than other provinces, but the deadline is later as well. Last year the portal opened around Sept/Oct (don't quote me on this though) and the deadline was Nov 1st.
  6. When you apply, you will fill out an excel sheet with your academic background. This will involve 1) listing all your grades by course and 2) converting these grades to a McGill equivalent grade. The user guide Mcgill provides (at least for the previous year) has an appendix with the McGill equivalent GPA conversion table. The last page of this appendix states that A+ and A from other institutions are considered an A/4.0 at McGill.
  7. A 120 credit degree (or 90 credit degree+DEC) is a requirement for admission. Source
  8. As in, can you have "in-progress" prereqs when applying? In short, yes: "At least 4 of 7 science prerequisite courses, including labs, must be completed (with official grades submitted) by the Nov. 1 application deadline. If applicable, the grades for a maximum of 3 in-progress science prerequisite courses may be submitted by May 30 prior to the beginning of the program." (Source)
  9. Studying abroad is very expensive, and getting loans/LOR for it can be difficult. You'll be paying a lot as an international student as well. Coming back to Canada is complicated. You seem to care a lot about your family. Are you ready for the possibility of not being able to work in Canada and living abroad without them? There are a couple interesting threads on this forum that may cause you to reconsider. I'd suggest you check out this subforum: http://forums.premed101.com/forum/40-applying-to-international-schools/ I think you may be counting your eggs before they've hatche
  10. It depends on what your goal is. Are you completely excluding applying to Canadian schools? Do you care about which discipline of medicine you want to do? Are you wanting to come back to Canada afterwards?
  11. Oui sans problème. Je l'ai fait l'année dernière: en français pour Ottawa, et en anglais pour les autres. Fait attention par contre. Une fois que tu déclares ton choix d'école en t'inscrivant, tu ne peux pas changer d'avis. Mais tu peux toujours rajouter une école après le coup.
  12. With that list I'm going to assume you are from Ontario, so I'll focus on those right now: -UofT: looks at all years, wGPA if you were full-time for all of your university years (drops 2 full course equivalents) or cGPA if you are not eligible for wGPA. As long as your 5th year is full time you are eligible for wGPA. -Western: look at 2 best undergrad years that are full time, have to abide by the 3/5 rule. A special year (year done after graduating with a 4 year undergrad) is ok as long as you are full time, aren't taking pass/fails, and aren't taking 1st year courses or 2nd year co
  13. That will depend on the school, unfortunately. Each one of them has their own way of calculating GPAs. Is there a school or province in particular you are wondering about?
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