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  1. I've been watching videos from SomeGoodNews Youtube channel hosted by John Krasinski! Some of the videos have made me tear up because of how uplifting and positive they are. Highly recommend watching to ease anxiety
  2. I have the button and got interviews at Western and McMaster.
  3. I see "Reset Responses" too and I interviewed at more than one school.
  4. Hi there! Echoing on cubes868, some summer research programs have decided to cancel (https://ims.utoronto.ca/programs/summer-undergraduate/). I would suggest checking in with the program that you had applied to and see if they are still planning on running!
  5. Thanks for sharing your experience! It's so great to hear that doing a Masters program was worthwhile for you!
  6. Thanks so much for the detailed response! It sounds like a great learning experience!
  7. Wow! That seems like an amazing opportunity to help others! How often would you volunteer per week and what types of conversations do you participate in?
  8. Why aren't masters programs not great to improving applications? I assumed that doing a masters can help with applicants gaining maturity and (perhaps) better references?
  9. That's a good point. It seems more and more like no matter the solution, someone is going to be receiving the short end of the stick Sigh the waiting is the worse part...
  10. Hi! First of all, I'm so sorry that things didn't go well for you this year and I know that it can be frustrating. But reading your ECs and stats, it is clear that you are already a very well rounded candidate (ofc this is just my own opinion). A Master's degree is a huge commitment time-wise and financially. I think you need to be honest with yourself. Is a master's degree only for you to look good on your application? Or is it something that will enrich your learning, benefit your career, and be worth the money! I think that both a gap year and a masters degree are equally valid routes
  11. Oh no I'm so sorry that this is happening to you. I sincerely hope admissions committee will be more understanding (which I generally think they are given the virtual interviews that they are conducting).
  12. I'm so glad to hear that the med schools are all communicating! A Google Form exam?!?! Wow I'm so sorry you had to deal with admin on that. From my own experience, my institution has given professors more freedom to choose how to assess their own courses. There is so much heterogeneity with some of my professors implementing take-home exams while others have dropped their final and re-weighted everything. I think that dropping this semester's grades might be the best option to account for this heterogeneity. I guess we will see what they decide! Unfortunately, this has been giving
  13. Due to the re-weighting of assessments in the midst of COVID-19, some schools have provided students the option to make their courses pass/fail. Does anyone have any information/opinion on how that will affect admissions in the following cycles? Also, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! <3
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