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  1. But they already released one round in March?
  2. Ohh I see. So someone is still on schedule!
  3. Did any other schools delay as well? Did MUN delay?
  4. If COVID goes long enough, I wonder if they would push it later? For MCAT exams to occur, and marks to come out?
  5. My friend told me that Dalhousie delayed their emails of admission offers!
  6. How would it work if we cant write the MCAT this summer and our courses are P/F? Then how would they assess?
  7. Following What if someone were to pursue a Masters? And pick up some prereqs that school year. Is that okay?
  8. Are all students given R score, or only those who opt in?
  9. This sounds like a great initiative! Thank you for your service!
  10. Would the course be transferred to your host institution, or the mark filed separately to adcomsÉ
  11. Oh wow, thanks for sharing! Could I dm you if I have any further questions?
  12. I am worried about the time commitment! Especially since they are trying to train volunteers quickly
  13. Oh wow, neat! What factors in? Marks? Extracurriculars?
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