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  1. Hopefully they just take whatever is best for each individual applicant. Maybe that would lessen the sting of not being chosen in the lottery.
  2. Lol yea someone who joined let us know if they actually ask you to show evidence of an acceptance
  3. I haven't heard anything, I forgot why someone said they would start Wednesday but it looks like that might be right.
  4. Keep in mind though that 50 of those offers above may have already been sent out as they usually over offer initially.
  5. Out of curiosity, some people here have said they are rejecting the waitlist. Will they be offered interviews next year too?
  6. ^^Agree, you rejected the offer at Mac just move on man and stop bashing the school.
  7. Exactly, I don't see why we can't have at least been given a category for where we are in the wait list. Like someone said this waitlist process can go on through the entire summer too so if I'm not going to make it I want to at least have an idea of that.
  8. I don't think you have an interview guaranteed if you decline their offer. Have you considered applying for a deferral, put a weird excuse so they will decline it eventually and this will give you some time so that you can see what happens with western.
  9. Nice joke there, we all know they will pile it along with the admissions email at this point.
  10. It's really impossible to tell but I would be doubtful, it will definitely be interesting to compare in the end though.
  11. Right everything is different, but they clearly have a well defined selection formula of some sort and I don't think people being upset is a good enough reason for them not to release it beforehand.
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