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  1. No I'm sorry, the last time I communicated with them was on the 6th and they still had no statement regarding the admissions criteria, reiterating that we should stick to the usual ones while we wait for more information.
  2. Neither, they gave me the same "More information to follow in the coming weeks and months."
  3. I wrote to them (admissMD) concerning this and they said it didn't apply to the faculty of medicine, unfortunately.
  4. Hi! I'm a candidate for this year's French stream admission. I'm also a health professional and my current university has offered us the option to request a "pass" grade and end our semester right now. I'd like to take a full-time job at the hospital right now to help with the crisis but I want to make sure I'm not ruining my conditions of admission by doing so. Of course I wrote an e-mail to admissMD, but I don't know how fast it'll be to get a response. I was hoping maybe some of you guys have already checked with uOttawa and know where they stand about a Winter 2020 semester passe
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