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  1. Hi everyone, does anyone have any recommendations for which Ipad model is best? Wondering if some features are especially useful in a med school lecture setting Thanks!
  2. Hey, for the admissions checklist, does anyone know if we still need to submit our transcripts to OMSAS by June 30th if nothing has changed since submitting them in Oct? (i.e. for someone who graduated in a previous year) Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, probably a dumb question but just to confirm: you paid your deposit by setting Queens as a payee with your student # as the account #, then transferring the $1050? I just want to make sure I did it properly.
  4. Ya I'm a bit confused about this as well...it's been 48 hours since I've accepted my offer and still nothing has shown up. Has anyone been able to pay their deposit successfully?
  5. I just saw the confirmation at the end of the application portal. Hopefully that was it?
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