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  1. I Pass/Failed two half-year courses throughout my four years and it had no impact on me getting interviews/accepted, but I am unsure if there's any difference if Orgo is specifically a prerequisite for some programs
  2. I have seen some people on the forum saying they haven't received any email, but the waitlist does seem rather large
  3. Even if 350 people are on the waitlist, if it moves by ~100 then you have almost a 1/3 chance! And that waitlist movement seems plausible
  4. Western is on OMSAS now. Most people saw it on portal first though, so it's not getting much buzz
  5. To clarify, I meant that once a certain school uploads to OMSAS they do all at the same time
  6. Yes, it seems like for all schools the offers are all uploaded at the same time
  7. I read it.. I also noticed that not a single R has been reported and tons of waitlists have so
  8. I believe that means in the order that was randomized by lottery. As in the lottery will give them #1 on waitlist, #2 on waitlist, etc.
  9. Is Mac waitlisting everyone? Haven't heard of a rejection
  10. It involves emailing IT, I'll do it at some point today. Thanks for the response
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