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  1. Yes, you will 100% receive an interview. But for acceptance into the program, only your interview scores is used after the interview stage. Good luck and stay safe.
  2. I looked at your previous posts on your profile and they are harsh, show some hope..
  3. Hey all! Has anyone applied to a student line of credit or planning to do so? If so, which bank?
  4. Has any rejection letters been sent out yet? If not, why?
  5. We have something like a union called BC Pharmacist Association, but not all pharmacists are members. They have been advocating for us to get prescription rights and stuff, and more important issues. However, it does not have the power of the BC nursing union.
  6. I saw that you got accepted to Queen's med, so congratulations! Wish you all the best
  7. Even with Ontario having 2 pharmacy schools, and being the largest taker of IPGs, grads still find full-time work relatively well. "Off the Script" podcast provides good info
  8. In terms of New Pharmacy grads flocking to BC from other provinces, I have seen people actually leaving BC and Ontario to move to Alberta, idk why Alberta is so popular for pharmacy. Maybe because the cost of living is less than BC/Ontario?
  9. I went on Indeed and searched Pharmacist in British Columbia (whole province just to make math easier), and within the last 14 days there have already been 28 job postings (mostly FT, some PT, some FT clinical, etc). These were just on Indeed alone...for the past 14 days. Now, even if we underestimate and let's say on average...30 jobs per month * 12 months = 360 job postings in BC per year. The stats from WorkBC said 970 jobs over 10 years (97 per year) which does not add up to our underestimated 360/year job postings. In response to the comment about WorkBC only listing stats for gove
  10. https://www.workbc.ca/careers/3131#insights-from-industry (this is for BC, updated June 10th)
  11. I suggest to everyone to look up "Off the Script" on Spotify or Apple podcast. It's a podcast created by Ontario pharmacy students in their last year/graduated, and they give interesting information about the job market, residency, etc. Plus, I dont know about others graduates, but after graduation im open to going to rural for a few years to pay off the debt at the very least, unless I get accepted into a residency (have always been interested in hospital pharmacy)
  12. What do you all think of the job market now? Been reading a lot of grim news mostly from pharmacists in US
  13. Hopefully, you get in. However, have you considered applying to schools in other provinces? Your stats and EC look very competitive for out of province schools.They seem to base their decision using a more holistic approach, rather than just interview like UBC. For example, look at University of Alberta ( pharmacists there get paid a lot more too there)
  14. I think they send it out after reviewing your final transcripts to make sure you have all the pre-reqs completed.
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