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  1. My wGPA goes fro, 3.85 to 3.78 if I Toronto doesn't include winter marks. 3.85 I know isn't competitive given premed101 but on their website it states 3.8 is competitive, so I figured it would be worth a shot. So am I essentially ineligible to apply if they do not include winter ? Or will they double the fall grades? If they do that I go back to 3.85. However I dont think thats what they are going to do...sigh.
  2. haha if only. so many countries put you in med right out of high school and they practice... like come onnnnnnn LET ME HELP THE SICKLY, is my first year physics course and second year computer science course really going to be the reason I dont become a doctor fml okay im done being negative the world owes me nothing I shall just cry in a corner
  3. They're pretty common.... but my complaining does nothing .... maybe pandemics wouldnt be this bad if they had more doctors :)))))) People who still want to be doctors after seeing them crying on TV should say something about how we genuinely are interested in the field. This process in an unlevel playing field without any additional help. Although hard work goes a long way, many people have cheated the system and have gotten into medical school.
  4. LOL I HOPE TO GOD THEY WONT. Seeing as AAMC is currently giving us hell and letting us write it but in 5 hours instead of 7, they're including the MCAT...
  5. https://www.**DELETED**.com/r/premedcanada/comments/ge9igh/westerns_stance_on_winter_2020_grades/?sort=new
  6. Honestly...Grade inflation happens so many ways (finding easier programs/ the fact that some people take a bunch of courses they know are hard in the summer because its not included in GPA calculation of many schools, people already P/Failing courses before this whole schpeell, I will repeat myself I dont think P/F should be ALLOWED in the first place in my opnion); so we should address those too. I never went this route and foolishly thought it would help me in the long run. All it did was damage my GPA. Yes hard work is a lot of it. But I have seen how people maintain such high GPAs, and I r
  7. use this https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/omsas-conversion-table/ convert your grades on OSMAS. see if you make cutoffs; remove your transcript off of this. UofT has wGPA . See what your GPA is removing your 8 lowest courses. if its like less than 3.8 then on their website they state that isnt competitive. You need min 3.7 in 2 years for western. 3.85 wGPA for ottawa... and Mac is like 3.9 something... So idk... doesnt look good ... but yeah remove your transcript.
  8. I could argue that people who didnt do well just because they didnt sudy would unfairly benefit from just 'writing off' this semester. I personally would have loved if this had happened to be last year, as second semester of second year brought my GPA down. But alas... this is what they're doing though...only counting fall...winter went well for me for the pandemic and it actually went a little down (originally all 90+ but one online exam brought me down to 85... so I feel like grade inflation is just from people picking and choosing P/F) in my opinion I think they should just not allow studen
  9. Looks like schools are excluding this semester (western confirmed- if westerns doing it, the other ontario schools are doing it), so I guess that works in your favour. Not my favour though but I guess there's no way to make this thing fair. Lol why couldnt COVID have happened last year? I would have loved to get 2nd year 2nd semester off my transcript.
  10. Thank you! I have an employer I can use, and 2 volunteer coordinators I can use but for grad school they want professors congrats on your interviews!
  11. Hi there, so because I am entering my fourth year of university. I was just wondering what a good time with them would be for asking for LORs? And how to go about this? Especially if youre applying to graduate and medical school. I am shy to ask honestly. I know one professor pretty personally. The others that I know personally and did well in are ones I have only taken one course with. I took 2 courses with one professor and got a 96 in one course but didnt do well in their other course so I am scared to ask. Theres 2 I took this year and I asked a lot of questions so I am fresh
  12. UofT life sci is hard.... its not impossible to do well, but with anything it depends on how hard you work, and I may be bias but uoft requires putting in a lot of work. So if you're someone who worked really hard in high school then I think you can thrive, if youre like normal and pulled off 80s/90s not trying super hard but decently hard you'd need to adjust your study habits. Pros and cons, life sci will make the MCAT easier for you to study for, but youll have to work harder for a high GPA. If you can get into Mac Health Sci thats medical school admissions gold. Its up to you in the end. P
  13. If its your dream you shouldnt kiss it goodbye! You can major in anything and do 2 years and have that count for western and queens. I was going to suggest UofT wGPA but they need full course loads so it would be cGPA for you. If you do well in those 2 years you could theoretically get into ottawa, western and queens. Do you think your GPA was because you were so involved? I had 2 jobs in my first year and second year of undergrad and I realized that in order to do well I couldnt have 2 jobs. It does sound like youre really involved which is awesome (honestly your ECs are amazing), but youd ha
  14. I actually did call and it put me in a much safer mentality I appreciate this. It was in jest but there is always a bit of truth in jokes, thank you again.
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