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  1. I think single most important factor to really impress is how proactive you are. It's about being a step ahead and anticipating what's gonna be needed. Example, you think a patient you just consulted on needs admission you write the orders and deal with the paperwork before reviewing. You're in the OR waiting for a case to start? You review patient history and imaging the day before, you have the post-op orders and OR note already prepared. Also be a positive presenec in your team, fun and upbeat without being annoying. Kind without being a pushover. Etc etc.
  2. You don't have to embellish and I wouldn't sacrifice this experience for a generic TAing or tutoring experience. This experience can really show your work ethic and diligence. I am certain reviewers can understand the necessity of doing what you have to do to make ends meet.
  3. make your presence an asset to your team. Have things prepped before rounding, know your patients, know your list, even the patients you signed off on. Offer to do things, be proactive, dont wait to be told things. An example, you do a consult you think the patient will be admitted, have the orders and any paperwork ready before you even review. On a personal level, be positive, don't complain, show sincere enthusiasm, don't be a suck up, be a good team player, don't screw anyone over, don't step on people's toes, be respectful to everyone from every level, and don't be in people's faces.
  4. No more than 10-12 or so at McGill as far as I know...
  5. Hey OP, regarding experiences the quality of them matters and I think you can say a lot about your work ethic with 3 jobs while maintaining an R-score as high as yours. It's a good idea to seek more opportunities, I would suggest things that align with your interests so you don't hate going there every time. Do not take on too much if you think your GPA will take a hit. I feel for you and have been in your shoes in the past, you can inbox me if you have more questions and I'm happy to talk to you more and look over your stuff.
  6. Y a rien qui va changer dans les spécialités et y a plein de places vides en med fam rurale que personne veut en général... J'imagine que l'augmentation des places en med c'est pas pour faire plus d'ophthalmos Ils rajoutent combien de places?
  7. Beaucoup des 3 ecoles appliquent juste pas a McGill ou au reste du Canada. T'auras pas de probleme a match a McGill ou ailleurs si tu es competitif.
  8. I don't think so, it's just that UdM students tend to want to stay. Not so many apply outside of QC. As to whether they favor Montreal over Trois-Rivieres, I highly doubt it. If there is an advantage it may just be related to getting letters and exposure to the PDs which are essentially all in Montreal as far as I know
  9. There's a pretty high chance of moving on to M1 from Med-P if you put in a minimal amount of work though. OP if you want to stay in Qc and are aiming for a competitive specialty I would go to UdM, they tend to favour their own and have a pretty good number of positions in many specialties that are more contingentees
  10. The deadline for letters was the 11:59PM the day prior to the CaRMS deadline ...
  11. Taking it now will affect your score for sure. This isn't like the MCAT where you can do well with good reasoning skills and is purely dependent on studying and rote memorization. Step 1 will become P/F, yes. But you can still take and kill Step 2, which will continue to be scored.
  12. The tendency to challenge authority if you don't agree with them doesn't make you right. As someone above suggested, consider working on your communication skills and also be humble. Being honest and being able to share your opinion are not weaknesses otherwise. TBH you might have trouble in any specialty, particularly in residency. Medicine and medical training is extremely hierarchical.
  13. They are all pretty useless and give no real edge Focus on being succinct and able to communicate a point efficiently
  14. Highly unlikely :p I am finding it really difficult to make a choice when my interest/passion does not seem to align with what I would like to get out of life outside of the hospital... Was it easy for you to choose?
  15. It blows my mind. I have also heard Peds ER often make much, much more than that. Money is certainly not the most important aspect for me in choosing a specialty, but lifestyle is important... Sometimes I wonder if I am not about to get screwed by gunning for a fairly intense surgical specialty lol
  16. Do ER docs actually make this "little"? I was under the impression they were bringing home 400k+
  17. so not for life then? The matching struggles for IMG is certain, I'm not sure if it goes beyond that to a significant extent after the match. Other factors will matter much more than your UG Med School when it comes to fellowship and employment.
  18. "If you don't like it don't apply" is a terrible thing to say. Admissions Committees are entrusted with tremendous social responsibility and owe both society and applicants equity and fairness in the process. OP is certainly a particularly entitled, arrogant and whiny applicant, sure. But AdComs had to make decisions pertaining to the pandemic and those decisions came with their controversies and disagreements. This is the perfect place to voice them and discuss them IMHO.
  19. Absolutely re: awards And it's ok not to be big on research so long as you are pretty good on other areas of your application. I do encourage you to do some in the future in a field you're interested in however
  20. I got into a BSc at McGill a few years ago after failing a Bio class in CEGEP. Wouldn't worry too much if your r score is ok.
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