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  1. How much movement is there on OOP waitlist usually?? Waitlisted :(
  2. If you don’t get in first time for OOP, is everyone put on a wait list?
  3. ^ That’s what I meant. Not an offer the first time around but with declines and waitlist movement, eventually most people get an offer. I’d even argue that the few people who never got offers on the classes of 2016, 2017 statistics page would have gotten offers but they were waitlisted and declined before getting an offer - seeing as they only filled up 4 OOP spots instead of the max of 10 (at the time).
  4. Looking at stats from classes of 2016, 2017 (back when the seats reserved for OOP were 10, not 5) it looks like they pretty much accepted everyone post-interview, save a few (whom I am assuming were on the wait list and declined before getting an offer). They also seemed to only interview around 25 people, and that’s probably still the number now since only about 4 people accepted in the end. Is it safe to say that post-interview, pretty much everyone will get an offer if you’re OOP? (Sorry Manitoba was my only interview and I’m so anxious!!!!!)
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