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  1. 20 minutes ago, pls_OT_2021 said:

    Hey guys, I have 3.83 sGPA, also didn't get a mac OT interview offer... Does anyone know when they send out waitlist for interviews? And what the cutoff was this year? 

    The cut-off last year was a 3.78 for interviews according to their website. I'm waiting as well but you have a great gpa so I wouldn't be worried : ) good luck!

  2. 2 hours ago, kiwiaussiecanuck said:

    On the OUAC application, in the Additional University Details section where it asks if you have a applied to any of the universities before, does that include undergrad applications, or is it just previous PT/OT applications? 


    2 hours ago, OT-InTheMaking-2020 said:

    just pt/ot at the school 

    No, I called ORPAS about this and it is also undergrad. They use it to see if they have given you a school account already. 

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