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  1. 10 minutes ago, alinaaa said:

    I just emailed U of T OT to ask about the admission offers on ACORN and if there's any way applicants that weren't students at U of T could see updates on their admission status. This is what they responded:

    Thanks for checking with us first. The earliest date for decisions is May 14, posted to the ORPAS portal and released via email. The ACORN status your friends noticed has to do with our IT staff rolling over our internal calendars, I regret to say that unfortunately it's meaningless at this point - i.e., it is unrelated to our admission decisions.


    Thank you for letting us know! I don't get why they would do that though :( false sense of hope

  2. 14 minutes ago, aspiringOT_7 said:

    I think it is! my supervisor told us to check our accounts and if we see a payment due or an invite you can probably guess you were accepted to the program! I wonder if they are doing this alphabetically..?

    Amazing! I don't have a charge under finances but it says invited with the program name right beside it. My last name is close to the start of the alphabet so they may be! 

  3. 20 minutes ago, pls_OT_2021 said:

    Hey guys, I have 3.83 sGPA, also didn't get a mac OT interview offer... Does anyone know when they send out waitlist for interviews? And what the cutoff was this year? 

    The cut-off last year was a 3.78 for interviews according to their website. I'm waiting as well but you have a great gpa so I wouldn't be worried : ) good luck!

  4. 2 hours ago, kiwiaussiecanuck said:

    On the OUAC application, in the Additional University Details section where it asks if you have a applied to any of the universities before, does that include undergrad applications, or is it just previous PT/OT applications? 


    2 hours ago, OT-InTheMaking-2020 said:

    just pt/ot at the school 

    No, I called ORPAS about this and it is also undergrad. They use it to see if they have given you a school account already. 

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