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  1. For those who wrote in March & May of 2021, any advice for students writing in November of 2021 (assuming it's going to be similar format of paper written and OSCE); what are the ideal resources to be used for each?
  2. Do you have any suggestions on CE courses / platforms? I'm not going to gain any CE credits because I'm not registered, so I'm aiming to avoid paid CE.
  3. I contacted NDEB directly (phone) and they said they would make an official annoucment this Friday about the cancellation in the Kingston and Ottawa location due to the lockdown ending June 2nd. I asked about alternative examination dates and they said based on last years situation, they were able to create another examination in September, because all candidates were affacted by the restrictions in Canada, but unlikely to do so this year because only individuals in Ontario are going to be affected. She said the likely situation would be candidates have to wait for the next examination, which
  4. NDEB's May OSCE & Written exams are cancelled in Ontario due to the provinical lockdown and there is no planned rescheduling of these exams until September 2021. Any suggestions on how to spend the free time (dental related), shadowing, carving, etc?
  5. Sorry for the late response! I am currently not looking to specialise, just highly value the hospital based dental experience!
  6. I appreciate the response from everyone, as this is a very useful thread. Does anyone have any information on qualified dentists within Canada seeking to complete short term positions within CAF (1-2 years)?
  7. Hello Everyone, I am currently an Australian dental student looking to pursue a Canadian GPR program in 2021, any information on program exposure (beyond what is available online) would be greatly appreciated.
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