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  1. my status just disappeared now, only the date...what is up with their system lmao
  2. Hi! I received my offer for PT april 6th (cegep) but I have heard from friends that not all decisions have been sent out yet! good luck!
  3. Anybody else had their Minerva status change to “ready for review” with the date May13th added below ?
  4. Hi, I was simply wonderging if anyone knows when the answers will come out for all 4 QC unis? Will the answers appear on the portal before 4pm or will the answers come out by email at 4 and not before? (based on previous years) Best of luck to all! ___ Salut, les réponses sortent-elles à 4 pm par email pour les 4 unis ou vont-elles apparaitre sur le portail plus tot avant les emails? (selon les annees precedentes) Bonne chance à tous!
  5. Collégienne ici! J’ai aussi recu le dépot dans mon centre étudiant pour admission pharmacie.
  6. April 3rd has finally come! It would be great if we could have our own thread for MED-P 2020. Feel free to share your thoughts/feelings/anxieties along and answer only the questions you’re comfortable with! Edit: ACCEPTED/WAITLISTED/ REJECTED INVITE/REGRET: CEGEP: TIME STAMP: CRC: FEELINGS ABOUT CASPER: OVERVIEW OF CV: best of luck to all of you ! *** For the terminology on Minerva: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/after-youve-applied/tracking-status-your-application further review required: interview invite reviewed decision
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