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  1. I only got physical mail last year for wait list. As for the decision, one of the emails said early or mid June if I remember correctly
  2. So due to Covid-19, many schools are offering pass/fail options for the winter semester. Has any dental school commented on how this will affect GPA calculations in future applications? In the past, having a pass/fail option on the transcript was something you wanted to avoid, but will admissions office be more lenient with it due to the extreme situation?
  3. I suppose it is different for everyone. I personally prefer person to person interview. Imo interviews are about showing interpersonal skill and I just think talking to myself on the screen is a counterintuitive.
  4. Glad at least one other person felt similarly about the interview. Hopefully they are understanding and dont focus too much on the small details but look at the big picture
  5. Definitely felt that I wasnt personal enough.. also found I was rambling on than I should have. Overall, it definitely didn't feel like an interview
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